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Letters from the Front


( This was played on PS4 Pro.)

So far, Insomniac’s Spiderman is a triumph. Within a fully realized New York City, Spiderman swings to building to building with grace and beating up enemies and saving the city he loves with some slick moves, not only does Insomanic focus on Spiderman but focuses on the man behind the mask, Peter Parker and how his struggles as Spiderman affects his everyday life.

This complex storyline is what makes Spiderman a standout amongst the rest of the superhero genre, including the Arkham series. Unlike what Rocksteady did with Batman from 2009 to 2015, you actually get to see what is it like to be Spiderman and the complications that come from that and the story has a soul and the story isn’t afraid to show Spiderman’s alter ego and that alter ego, Peter Parker, is as interesting as Spiderman himself but here’s the catch: the most notable moments come from Peter Parker’s side with characters like Mary Jane Watson and other characters.

On top of that, the world is lived in and when we enter the world that Insomniac has created, Spiderman has been on the scene for 8 years and Peter Parker is already separated from Mary Jane Watson and we catch Peter in his prime but it already feels like his time as Spiderman is coming to an end. Insomniac’s decision to forego an origin story and forego all of that which comes with making an origin story pays off for both the story and for the gameplay and its something that is refreshing. When I first gained control of him, I felt power and I felt like a hero who can take on anything. His web swinging and acrobatic traversal abilities are the most impressive which allows me to run up walls, run across walls, bounce off things, and just swing web across the city.

The web swinging is the most impressive as that system might be one of the best web-swinging systems since the best Spiderman game of my generation, Spiderman 2 saw release on PS2 and Xbox from 2004. Once you use it, you’ll never want to use the Subway as it is so good and it’s an excuse to use the long route to get to missions and the more you explore the city, you will be led towards more discoveries.

What I mean by that is that Spiderman will become more powerful. He’s Spiderman but first and foremost is that he’s a scientist who is continually making progress with technology. By the time you’ll get where I’m at which is roughly near the end of the beginning towards the beginning of the middle section of the game, his power will grow and he will become more powerful through the stuff that you can create for him through leveling up. Gaining new things to play around with is an amusement and you feel like a kid when you’re playing around with these new toys.


The open world is filled with activities although it falls under the Ubisoft umbrella, there is so much to do and yet some of it feels tedious or repetitive and often times boring to an extent. I really like the Black Cat type of activities where you go on photo missions or taskmaster challenges which tests your skill as Spiderman. There is so much to do here and I think you’ll like it.

Like the Batman trilogy before it, especially Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, Spiderman could raise the bar for superhero games yet again. Not only is it fun but its fresh breathe of air for Spiderman who has been mistreated time and time again, at least in videogame format since 2004’s Spiderman 2. Stay tuned for my review soon.


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