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Letters from the Front


Holy crap, it’s been three years since I began on this journey. I guess things will really do fly by when you’re having fun!

Three years ago, I left IGN’s blogger community after countless efforts trying to get IGN to notice the community that they began way back in 2006 and they never really did then in 2015, the community left the site and never returned outside of a few. I was one of those who left the site and found a place to settle down and began writing; I had no idea that three years on, I would still be here and I would find an awesome community that rivals IGN’s community and this awesome community has impacted my life in every way possible.

It’s been unbelievable and truly remarkable. I want to thank each and every one of you, I appreciate all of you who come over and take a gander on this little side of the internet. Over the course of this year, I’ve been getting a bit better on putting things out daily and actually being here and I’ll try my best to be around the community and be an active part of the community more.

Thank you for joining me on this awesome journey and let’s continue rolling on this great and awesome journey.

Here’s to the fourth anniversary and to many more reviews, first impressions, history-based stuff, and much more. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart,




2 comments on “Three Anniversaries: A Big Milestone

  1. Congratulations! Keeping this up for 3 years takes a lot of commitment! Well done!

    1. Physics says:

      I notice it takes alot of commitment and writing, in general, takes alot of time away from doing certain things but I don’t have a problem with that as I’m doing something that I actually enjoy. I really wish I could do the stuff I put out at a much faster pace; the Spiderman and Tomb Raider stuff took so much time to finish.

      Thank you! Let’s see where we’re at in the next 3 years! Time does fly when you’re having fun!

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