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Letters from the Front


Today has been a big day for Red Dead Redemption 2 and Rockstar Games.

Rockstar has deluged new details about Red Dead Redemption 2 and released 27 new screenshots. As part of the big blowout, Rockstar has released about a dozen new screenshots showcasing how vast the West will be in Red Dead 2 and showcasing some of the characters you’ll meet.

The first set of images will be broken down below and return tomorrow for PART II for the rest of the screenshots that was shown today. Let’s begin!



Arthur Morgan on his horse. 


Here, we have Micah Bell in what looks like to be some sort of blizzard.


Dutch and the gang.


A far cry from the original Red Dead Redemption. Here, we have a younger Javier Escuella who in the original Red Dead Redemption had gone crazy. Here, he seems to be in a much better state than when we met him in 1911.


Sadie Adler and Arthur Morgan. I’m still wondering about these two and what is their relationship with each other. It seems to be from the trailers that the relationship is strong but in what way? 


Traveling at night. 


Dutch seems relaxed here. Listening to what problems the gang has brought to his attention.


Intimation. Dutch van der Lind and Hosea Matthews seem to be intimating an old lady but the real star of this shot is Dutch’s beautiful handgun.


Charles Smith hunting. I’m not sure if he’s hunting an animal or a person.


A robbery in progress. The NPC looks terrified as Arthur Morgan walks in, holding his revolver.


A discussion taking place between Arthur and an NPC possibly?


A train robbery in progress. Arthur is on a Browning M1917 which in itself is anachronistic in nature. The Browning M1917 never appeared until 1917, 18 years after the events of Red Dead Redemption II and 6 years after the events of the original game. The train they appear on is definitely Military as the Browning M1917 wouldn’t have been used by local enforcement.


Arthur walking into what seems like a bar or a type of salon. A working girl can be seen across Arthur on the floor above in which Arthur is descending from. If you look closely at the surroundings, this could be the same spot where Sadie stabs an NPC in the hand in one of the trailers.

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