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Letters from the Front


(Editor’s note: Thanks to EA for granting me early access to Battlefield V via the Origin Access Premier which is a service that allows you to play all EA games, including Battlefield V, early. These impressions are from the Grand Operations game mode which takes you on a historical journey of battles that were fought during the course of the Second World War. Campaign impressions will come shortly, after the first expansion is out.)

( Played on Grand Operations.)

May 1940. The German invasion plan of France consisted of two objectives: Fall Gelb and Fall Rot. In Fall Gelb, the German armored units pushed through the Ardennes and along the Somme River Valley and then swung to the Channel ports pushing the Allies back along northern France and the French coast until the Allies were encircled at the port city of Dunkirk.

Within six weeks, the German Army pushed the British and their allies back towards the Channel ports where they were entrapped by the advancing German Army with the Luftwaffe sent to bombard the encircled troops from the sky until their mission was pulled back and this gave the British enough time to pull off a daring operation to rescue the troops that were stranded at Dunkirk. By the end of the evacuation,  338,226 Allied troops were rescued from the shores of France and returned to England with French troops being repatriated back to France to fight the Germans.

By the middle of June, Fall Rot commenced and the German Army captured Paris unopposed with the French government surrendering at Compiègne, the site of the 1918 surrender of the German Empire. This action led to France being split in half until November 1942 with the German Army occupying all of France and this ended all Allied action on the Western Front until Operation Overlord.

Twisted Steel 

Twisted Steel

Operations return in Battlefield V but it has been renamed to Grand Operations. Grand Operations, much like Battlefield 1, is a game mode inspired by real historical battles that took place during the course of the Second World War and allows you to participate in them.

Grand Operations takes you on a historical journey through the greatest battles that were fought during World War II and each time, it will be a different experience: You might parachute into the map as part of an elite Airborne unit sent in prior to the main invasion force to destroy a set of objectives or be part of a beach assault. You will play these Grand Operations over the course of four fictional days with ever-changing objectives and where combat gets harder and harder as the days progress and your resources deplete. Grand Operations immerses you in the World War II experience.

The map, “Twisted Steel.” is set during the initial invasion of France and is defined by marshlands and dense trees alongside a large bridge that stands out as the defining feature on this map. At the start of the Grand Operations, the German Army will begin parachuting onto the map with an Airborne assault designed to push back the British and destroy their artillery guns. Whoever wins this round of the Grand Operations will have enough resources for the next day to continue the push where the round will switch over to Breakthrough.

Breakthrough was first seen in Battlefield 1 where the enemy teams must capture ground and advance. This mode has mostly remained unchanged from Battlefield 1.



Arras is set in the days following the German invasion of France where the German spearhead is racing across northern France in pursuit of the British as they retreat back towards Dunkirk and the English Channel ports and is defined by the beautiful French countryside and a small village in the center of the map.

Arras is set on the 3rd day of the Grand Operations where the British have retreated towards a small French village and must defend the village at all costs. Arras is played on both Frontlines and Final Stand.

Frontlines, makes its return from Battlefield 1, and is now part of the Grand Operations lineup. Frontlines, in Battlefield V, remains the same as it was previously in Battlefield 1 but now is part of a large-scale assault with 32v32 players on each side. Both sides fight for control over one objective at a time, unlocking the enemy’s base to explosives.

Day 4: Arras

In an unexpected turn of events, the battle ends and begins again on the fourth day where supplies, including ammo, has been stretched to the limit and the map “Arras.” has switched over to Final Stand where both teams fight to the death.  This battle will determine who wins the Grand Operation.

In Final Stand, both teams duke it out for final victory. This mode features a shrinking battlefield, where each squad must fight under pressure as the map begins to shrink. Final Stand is the closest thing to Battle Royale before Battle Royale enters the game in March 2019.


Grand Operations is a great step-up from the original Operations game mode that first debuted the mode back in Battlefield 1. Operations was a semi-historical representation of battles that were fought during the First World War and Grand Operations takes that key concept and places the mode in the World War II era and it immerses you into the early war campaigns of 1940. I can’t wait to see what the mode has in store when expansion packs begin to churn out and such battles like Stalingrad, Kursk, D-Day, and Market Garden enter the game.



( Stay tuned for campaign impressions coming after Overture First Impressions. UPDATE: Overture has been delayed so my campaign impressions will be up on the 3rd of December.) 














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