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Letters from the Front

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Christmas is coming up and I know plenty of you, including myself, haven’t completed their Christmas shopping and I am here to help you out. Shame on us for being lazy. I am primarily a PC Gamer but my primary console of choice is the Xbox, all of my friends are on there and I enjoy the ecosystem and the exclusives that Microsoft tends to bring every blue moon. 

We’re going to start off with the consoles. There’s really two you can choose from and its important that you know what type of gamer your friend, your spouse, or a family member is. Are they the casual type that plays Fortnite or are they really digging into the Xbox ecosystem and the Triple A space. We’re going to figure that out now. 


  The Xbox One S is basically the entry point into the Xbox ecosystem. It is the cheapest one out there and there is plenty of different bundles to choose from. From Minecraft to Battlefield to Shadow of the Tomb Raider, the Xbox One S is right for them.


 The Xbox One X is for the hardcore. It is not for your everyday, regular joe gamer. If the person you want to buy an Xbox One for is a hardcore gamer and owns a 4K TV, the Xbox One X is for him or her.

If price isn’t a barrier or isn’t a problem then the Xbox One X is the best console to get him or her. The X is for the ultimate gamer that wants the best out of his or her games and it is necessary that the owner owns a 4K TV since the X was meant to be played on a 4K Television but it also works on a 1080 but you won’t get the full package or won’t get to see the full picture if you’re on a 1080p TV. 

Next we’re going to get into the games.


Microsoft has been killing it recently. 2018 seems to be the comeback year for Microsoft with their acquisition of multiple studios like Obsidian and InExile but we won’t see those exclusives until next generation. This year, Microsoft released a bit of exclusives like Forza Horizon 4, State of Decay 2, and Sea of Thieves. Let’s get into my recommendations. ( Both First Party and Third party.)

  • Forza Horizon 4
  • Red Dead Redemption II ( Looks better on the Xbox One X.)
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops IV 
  • Battlefield V
  • State of Decay 2
  • Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey ( Looks better on the Xbox One X.)
  • Far Cry 5 ( Looks better on the Xbox One X.) 
  • PUBG                                   

But the thing that I recommend the most is Xbox Game Pass. Xbox Game Pass is Microsoft’s Netflix style subscription. You pay a monthly fee for the subscription and you get access to over 100 games and there are 200 games available at the time of writing. I believe you can get the subscription for a dollar on the Xbox store and for half price at Amazon. For 6 months, its 30 USD and for a full year, its about 70 USD. If you get your loved ones a full year, they gain access to all Microsoft’s exclusives like Forza Horizon 4 and Sea of Thieves. In 2019, they’ll be able to play Crackdown 3, Ori and the Wisps, Gears 5 all on day one and it’s a perfect gift. 

I think everyone would love a gift like that for someone that doesn’t play a ton to someone who plays everyday and is involved heavily into gaming. 

If you don’t know what he or she wants. It’s totally okay to get him or her an Xbox gift card or an Xbox Live Gold subscription card. I know its impersonal but it’s okay to just go out there, last minute, and rapidly get something. Give them a $100 or $200 Xbox Gift Card and let them choose and most people on Xbox play Fortnite or Call of Duty and most of them don’t want a new game so its okay to give them a gift card and allow them to spend that money on a few loot boxes from the hype machine or V-bucks.

Next, let’s get into the controllers. My favorite part.

   I recommend the Xbox One Elite controller. Microsoft just released a new variant of the Elite Controller, it comes in white and is $149 USD. If you have the extra money, it will make your loved ones or your friends very happy. It is the best controller that I have ever laid my fingers on, it’s comfy and it helps in any games with the trigger paddles on the back. You can adjust each paddle or adjust sensitivity. Only big issue is that after a year of usage, the controller tends to not work anymore and that goes for all of Microsoft’s controllers. You would think for the price, it would work for the entire generation but Microsoft’s production is just not there.

If you want make it more personal to them. There is the Xbox Design lab, it’s a website you can go too and customize any standard controller and engrave it with a personal message or their gamertag. If you don’t want anything fancy, it’s totally fine to go with a standard controller that you can find at the Microsoft store or any retailer like Walmart or Target.

If the person you’re buying for plays a ton of games, they might need extra storage. I recommend the 2TB, 8TB, 1TB Storage drives from Seagate. It’s easy to plug in and set up. I will link all of this down below.

Let’s get into the gaming headsets. These are my favorite pieces of technology. 

 Headsets are an absolute necessity for gaming. You might be confused on which one is best and frankly, it all comes down to budget and how much you’re willing to spend. 

If money isn’t a problem or a barrier, then I personally recommend the 800LX Headset from Platonics, you can watch the video above. I personally use these. These are the best headsets you can get if the person you want to give a gift too plays a ton of First Person Shooters, Action Adventure games, Singleplayer games, and roughly any game.  They use Dolby Atmos, a new sound system from Dolby that replicates what you hear in the cinema. They’re wireless and quite easy to set up, just plug in the dongle and enjoy. They go for $149 USD.

If money is a barrier then I recommend the ASTROS or Turtle Beaches, I know the meme that comes with the Turtle Beaches, but they range from $50 to about $200 USD. If a money is an issue and you need to save, there is nothing wrong with getting them a standard Xbox headset. All the links will be down below. 

And that wraps it up. That is all the gifts I can think of for someone who wants to enter the Xbox One ecosystem; if they already have an Xbox One then just get them one of these three things and they’ll be extremely happy.

Links are down below:

 Xbox controllers:             Consoles:                          Xbox headsets:                                                                                                                  Hardrives:                     


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