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Letters from the Front

It has been a fun year across the board. Biggest triple A releases to small indie games like Below, this year has pushed the medium of videogames even further than before. 

With my Best of 2018 Awards, that nobody seems to care about and it seems to be the worst Game Awards this side of the internet but I don’t care, I aim to acknowledge the best of the best. The best games this year that pushed the medium forward and a lot of games have pushed the medium this year. 2018 may not be as legendary as 2008 was but it will go down as one of the best gaming years of all time.

Here is the Best of 2018 Awards.

Best Action Game: Spiderman

Spiderman, much like Batman, has had a rough go in the gaming space. Big licensed videogames often aren’t any good but all of that changed around with the arrival of Arkham Asylum.

The same happened with Spiderman until Insomniac’s Spiderman arrived this year. The latest iteration had to overcome everything; tell a story that can rival the films, do something new with the character, and had to be original. Spiderman exceeded all of the worries by expanding upon the moments that are rarely seen and doing something original. Spiderman is the Arkham Asylum of this generation and Spiderman is the Arkham Asylum for Spiderman. I can’t wait to see what is next.

Best Multiplayer Game: Battlefield V

Battlefield V has had a rough year with a less than stellar reveal trailer to a complete disaster of a marketing campaign but it turns out that Battlefield V is actually a good game and an addicting multiplayer shooter.

Battlefield V is set at the beginning of the Second World War and through the live service, the playerbase will be taken through the course of the Second World War as it happened in real life. In many ways then one, I’ve always wanted DICE to return to the era and do it justice but not like this; I was hoping to see DICE’s rendition of the Second World War through historically accurate means but I’ll still take it, solely on the fact that Battlefield V shows a lot of promise to become one of the best games in the franchise since Bad Company 2.

From the streets of Rotterdam to the marshes of the Escaut River in northern France, Battlefield V shows a lot of promise and with free additional content coming in 2019 and early 2020, it is one of the best multiplayer offerings this year. 

Best Setting: Red Dead Redemption II   

Red Dead Redemption II is absolutely stunning. The world of Red Dead Redemption II is beautiful, breathtaking, and absolute savagery. This world is run by murder and thievery as the final days of the Wild West comes to a close. 

This world is absolutely breathtaking with an ambitious array of fauna and flora, dynamic weather systems, beautiful attention to detail that brings to life a forgotten era into your living room, and exciting characters that brings to life 1899. Rockstar has created an absolute masterpiece.

Best Story: Red Dead Redemption II 

Rockstar has outdone themselves again. 

Red Dead Redemption II is set in the final days of the Wild West as civilization and law enforcement comes to tame an untamed land. As Arthur Morgan, you help lead a compelling cast across the vast land that is America, with some of the most immersive world building that Rockstar has ever created.

Red Dead Redemption II is an absolute masterpiece, it’s rare that a videogame can bring together its narrative, gameplay mechanics, and visuals altogether into a single thing and still come out on top. Rockstar Games is the only one that can do this. This game is a revolution and nothing will ever be the same as we head into the next generation. It’s a rare treat that something like this comes around and changes the game.

Game of the Year 2018  


Stay tuned for Game of the Year 2018 which is arriving tomorrow.

Those were all the big winners for this year. It’s the second iteration of the Best of 2018 awards, I would like to hear what were your favorite games this year and what did you like about them? Congrats to all the winners in this unofficial GOTY award cermonery.

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