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Letters from the Front

2018 was a groundbreaking year for the gaming world with titles like Red Dead Redemption II and Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey which is turning out to be one of the best entries in the franchise since Black Flag. 2018 seems to be a tough year to follow up but I suspect that 2019 will easily up that since so many good games appear to be releasing this year.

Here is 5 of my most anticipated games of 2019.

5: Gears 5

I’m a really big fan of the Gears franchise, I even believe that is way better than Halo. I’m quite excited for this one since Coalition appears to be taking risks with this one like Kait being the main character and opening up the formula a little bit more.

Gears 4 was a little bit too safe and a bit too on the nose so to see this game supposedly taking more risks makes me quite excited for Gears 5.

4: Tom Clancy’s The Division 2

The original Division was a decent game. It had the makings of a great game but the potential wasn’t realized by Ubisoft. I had a great time with the original game and found the game to be promising but issues like bullet sponge enemies, the end-game content, and more took me away from the game and killed all enthusiasm I had for the future of the original game.

Now, with The Division 2, it’s quite different and hopefully Ubisoft realized its full potential here. It takes place in the nation’s capital, Washington D.C, which is a great setting in itself and appears to be building off from the original. Hopefully, Ubisoft learns from their mistakes with the original game and I can see myself enjoying what this game has to offer and hopefully sticking by it to see how Ubisoft shapes its future.

3: DOOM: Eternal 

Demons, big guns, and hell on earth is all I needed.

The DOOM reboot was a nice surprise in 2016. Much like other people, DOOM was not on my radar and was barely interested in the reboot; completely overlooking it at that year’s E3. It turned out to be one of the best games that I have ever played this generation and it reminded me so much of the original 1993 DOOM that it was on my runner up list for Game of the Year in 2016.

I’m not the biggest fan of heavy metal nor am I the biggest fan of ID Software’s older games outside of DOOM and DOOM II but the 2016 reboot ended up with me being quite surprised. It provides everything that I am looking for in a game: gore, more gore, explosions, and over the top action that most videogames do not provide anymore. I cannot wait to get my hands on this one.

2: The Last of Us Part II

It’s been five years since the The Last of Us first saw its original release back at the end of the PS3 generation. Much like other games that broke barriers in that generation, The Last of Us is one of them and is a defining game that not only broke barriers but pushed the envelope further for single-player games.

The Last of Us is one of my favorite games of all time and to see how the story continues gets me quite excited. I cannot wait to see what Naughty Dog has in store for Joel and Ellie.

1: Cyberpunk 2077

Yes, I know that it is very unlikely that Cyberpunk 2077 releases this year but I’m hoping that it will because this game looks so goddamn good.

Outside of The Witcher 3, Cyberpunk 2077 is incredibly ambitious. Further more, CDPR has pushed the envelope of gaming and open world RPGs even further with the release of The Witcher 3. People, including myself, are beginning to expect great things, things that are on the level of Rockstar’s games. And this is shaping up to be like one of Rockstar’s games.

To be quite frank, I do not care when this game releases, just if it ends up being as good as that juicy E3 demo and if it ends up being as good or better than The Witcher 3.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Cyberpunk is a next-generation title or a cross-generation title. The demo seems to appear that Cyberpunk is indeed a full next-generation title that will push the boundaries of gaming even further than what it is now. Just shut up and take my money.

Let me know down in the comments below or on Twitter, what are your most anticipated games of the year. I’m sure I left a few games out like Resident Evil 2: Remake or Metro: Exodus.


2 comments on “Most Anticipated Games of 2019

  1. Doom and DMC5 are high on my lists. I’m interested in Gears 5, but the last game was a little dull, which is impressive considering you’re chainsawing aliens!

    1. Physics says:

      Gears 4 was indeed a little dull. I didn’t really like how safe it felt, especially for being a sequel to one of the best exclusive trilogies that gaming had to offer. Gears 5 has my eye because it appears that its just a natural progression from Gears 4. I always knew that Kait was going to be a playable character from the beginning or Coalition would do something with her later down the road. DOOM is also really good, can’t wait to slay some demons.

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