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Letters from the Front

Next generation is here. Are you ready?

The next generation of hardware and the future of gaming was teased numerous times in 2018 and especially at E3. At Microsoft’s press conference last E3, Phil Spencer briefly talked about plans for the next generation of Xbox hardware.

He hinted at what is to come, no doubt we’ll see what he was talking about at this years’ E3 which is now 6 months out. He hinted at Project xCloud and multiple consoles which have been outed as “Project Scarlet.” , a family of devices that includes this streaming system and two new consoles which have been leaked as Anaconda and Lockhart, two systems that are the successors of the X and the S, respectively. Spencer’s comment came at a time when Ubisoft also hinted at the future, hinting that games will no longer be tied to convental hardware.

Spencer’s talk last E3 about the future seemed to be a distant future but now it’s here and we’re approaching it at a rapid speed. This is the last year of the Xbox One and the PS4, although we still have to see what Sony’s plans are, but no doubt this is the final year for both consoles and for this generation of hardware that seemed to kick off only yesterday but in reality, it’s been five years.

I feel like this generation hasn’t hit its stride yet and I hope this final year will be a good one. I hope this upcoming year will be just as good or better than 2018. The future is here, are you ready?

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