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Letters from the Front

Technology played a huge role in the Second World War, so much so, that World War II has had the greatest impact on technology and devices that are used today in the 21st century.

From jet-engine fighters that outclassed their early war counterparts like the Spitfire Mk. I and the early war tanks that saw so much success in 1940 and 1941 were now outclassed and outmatched by their late war counterparts like the Panzerkampfwagen V Panther and the Sturmpanzer and new technology like the ballistic missile were now the new face of warfare.

Weapon technology, in particular, saw the most progress as many armies started out using weapons that barely changed from The Great War but as World War II progressed into the mid-1940s, new weapons became available that would later go on to change the face of warfare. Weapons like the M1 Garand and the MG42 would go on to define World War II as the war came to an end.

Battlefield V currently has the iconic weaponry of the war like the MG42, the Thompson M1928, and more but the game is only just getting started. Since launch, two expansions have already released and a churn of new weapons have been made available. However, this is just only the beginning and we have a full year of content to look forward too so here are some Top 10 Secret Weapons of World War II that DICE can add to the game’s lifecycle throughout 2019 and early 2020.


The SVT-38 was created in the early 1930s since Joseph Stalin had a great interest in semi-automatic weaponry and the Red Army held trials in 1935 and the winning rifle would be the AVS-36, but the rifle’s problems would become apparent in the Border clashes in Mongolia so this time, the Red Army went looking and selected the SVT-38. The SVT-38 would see combat in the Winter War and reception to the weapon was poor.

By the time, Germany invaded the Soviet Union, enough progress had been made that the SVT-40 was widespread but the Red Army kept losing them and also a lack of machineguns led to the development of the AVT-40, a weapon based on the SVT-40 design with automatic fire. It was basically an automatic conversation of the SVT but production ceased to exist since the weapon was a disappointment as the automatic fire was uncontrollable and it would suffer breakages under stress.

I think this weapon, if tuned correctly, can be a powerhouse in-game and could offer a similar playstyle to the Federov Autvomat from Battlefield 1.

Charlton Automatic Rifle

Designed in 1941 to replace the famous Bren and Lewis Gun which were in short supply, the Charlton was converted using obsolete Lee-Enfields and Lee-Metford rifles from the Boer War and were intended to be used as a semi-automatic rifle with its automatic fire capability being used as a backup.

Around 1,500 Charlton Automatic Rifles were manufactured but nearly all of them were destroyed in an accidental fire after World War II came to an end.

This weapon could end up being the AUG of World War II if DICE brings it over. I think it would fit right in with the Assault or Support classes.

Breda M1935 PG

The PG line of rifles were prototype rifles designed by Breda. The Breda M1935 was probably the world’s first burst fire weapon, it was an Italian rifle designed in 1935. The rifle saw limited use with the Italian Army during World War II and served with the Costa Rican military for a brief time, not much else is known about the rifle.

The Breda M1935 PG could fit nicely in the Assault class, with its 20 round magazine with a cylic rate of 600 rounds per minute, it could fit nicely in and could be used as an aggressive weapon when you’re capturing objectives.

The M2

The M1 Carbine is a famous weapon of World War II, used by the American Armed Forces, especially with the US Marines fighting in the Pacific and American Paratroopers in Europe, the weapon gained mixed results as Paratroopers found that the weapon wasn’t all that great while the Marines praised the M1 but found the weapon lacked stopping power and lacked inefficient penetration against Japanese armor of the era.

Initially, the M1 Carbine was supposed to have selective-fire capability but the decision to forego this feature was made when it entered production. This feature was incorporated into the M2 Carbine introduced in 1944. It saw limited service in Europe and then mostly against the Japanese in the closing days of the war. It saw combat service in Korea and replaced SMGs like the Grease Gun and the Thompson but then it would be replaced by the M16.

The M2 Carbine would fit in perfectly with the Assault class, excellent for its automatic fire and can be used aggressively in CQC.

The AN-M2 Stinger

The Stinger is an interesting design and is a testament to how fierce a US Marine is. The AN/M2 was a specific variant of the M1919 Browning designed for tail-gunners fighting against the Japanese Air force in the Pacific. The Stinger was created by taking the AN/M2 from a crashed SBD Dauntless and outfitting it with different parts from different weapons, a stock from the M1 Carbine and the bipod from the Browning M1918A2 and the Marines ended up with the American version of the German MG42. Since the AN/M2 was designed for aircraft, it had an insane fire rate of 1200 rpm.

This weapon would be an absolute killer in Battlefield V, I think it would play similarly to the MG42 since the AN/M2 has the same fire rate as the MG42 in-game. The support class would gain access to this weapon.

The Johnson M1941

The Johnson M1941 was designed by a Captain in the Marine Reserves and a Boston lawyer. The goal was to create a rifle that would outmatch the M1 Garand that the US Army adopted and by 1937, the weapon was successfully tested.

In World War II, the weapon was used by Allied commandos and Special Forces like the Devil’s Brigade and the Philippine Army. It would be cool to see this weapon in-game and would fit pretty nicely in the Assault class.

FM 24/29

At the end of the Great War, the French sought to replace the Chauchat, the problematic LMG that gained infamy during the course of the war. The French thought of standardizing the American BAR M1918 but eventually required a locally developed weapon so the French went looking and settled on MAC which was the production company behind the FM 24/29.

By the time World War II rolled around, the FM 24/29 was the standard automatic weapon of the French Army and was used heavily in the Battle of France. After the French surrender, the German Army captured large quantities of the FM 24/29 and used and tweaked them as the war truly became a World War. From 1943 onward, the French Army was re-equipped and went to war in North Africa where it performed admirably and many French soldiers found it superior to the American Browning Automatic Rifle M1918A2.

I think the FM would be a great addition to the Support Class.

The M2 Flamethrower

The M2 Flamethrower saw extensive usage in the war against Japan in the Pacific Theater and was mainly used by the US Marines. The M2 was the successor to the M1 and M1A1 Flamethrowers and was a flamethrower that was portable and despite having a burn time of 7 seconds and a range of 20 to 40 meters, the M2 Flamethrower was a useful weapon. However, the M2 would obsolete as the war in the Pacific reached the Japanese homeland and the arrival of Sherman Tanks outfitted with flamethrowers, the need for the M2 was greatly reduced.

The M2 could be used as a gadget for any class and can be seen as your one and done weapon with extreme damage. Anybody who dies with the Flamethrower while equipped can not be revived.

Flammenwerfer 41

Much like the American M2 Flamethrower, the Flammenwerfer 41 was used by the German Army on the Eastern Front and was a upgrade to the original Flammenwerfer 35. It was the standard flamethrower for the German Army beginning in 1941.

Much like the American M2, it could be used as an all-class gadget only available to the German Army and anyone who wields it dies cannot be revived. Flamethrowers should be in the game.

Ithaca Model 37

Shotguns were used heavily in the Pacific Theater in World War II by the US Marines, despite General MacArthur’s attempts to dissuade the Marines and the Army from using Shotguns, but it proved its worth when the fighting turned absolutely brutal on Guadalcanal. The Ithaca Model 37 is one such shotgun that saw usage in this theater of war.

The Ithaca 37 is a pump-action that saw widespread usage in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. Unlike other shotguns of its time, the Ithaca’s loading gate acts as an ejection port, so it cannot be reloaded by dropping a shell into the breech like the M1897 or the M1912 shotguns.

The M1897 is already in Battlefield V and can be accessed via the Support class so I think the Ithaca could be a perfect fit in the Support Class which widens the playstyle for the class. If you want to go fight the enemy up close and personal than the Shotgun is right for you.

And that is the Top 10 Secret Weapons of World War II that DICE could add through the Tides of War Live Service. There are plenty of more weapons that DICE could add that are some unique weapons never before seen in a World War II game, I would love to see the AN-M2 Stinger to be added with the American content drop, whenever that happens and stay tuned for the Trial by Fire First Impressions coming in March.

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