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Letters from the Front

World War II seems like an impossible task to make a game out of, especially when you start at the beginning and make your own route through the conflict, instead of following in other’s footsteps. Unlike Medal of Honor or Call of Duty, Battlefield V returns to the era that made the franchise famous in the first place and flips the setting on its head by going to the very beginning.

Battlefield V is set in the early fight against Nazi Germany six months after their invasion of Poland and begins with the Fall of Western Europe as Nazi Germany initiates Fall Gleb. DICE took a big risk by setting the game in 1940 instead of the usual late war romp through the war’s most iconic locations that we often see in World War II-era military shooters. This move has paid off in some ways since it is an unknown era of the war but they missed out on some great opportunities here and so I have decided to make a small list on how DICE can take advantage of these opportunities and make Battlefield V a even better game in 2019.

Battlefield V shows a lot of potential to become a unique World War II experience if DICE does everything by the book and surprise us using the Tides of War Live Service to highlight some of the war. We know already that the next update is coming relatively soon and the war will reach Greece in the third update releasing in March but other then that, DICE has remained quiet. Here a few things that I would like to see, let’s begin.

Community Tools

Since Battlefield V launched in November 2018, DICE has remained quiet on community tools and Rent a Server or RSP. Regardless, of the development team’s silence on the matter, I am one in the camp that believes that RSP and Community Tools help make the game better because the community can shape their own experiences and be allowed to enjoy their own spaces like clan battles or 24/7 servers that offer the game’s most famous maps.

Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, and Battlefield 1 had this and it showcased this perfectly and on top of that, those two games still have a good playerbase in 2019 because of the community tools. Battlefield V needs community tools and the RSP Program, a good set of community tools can ensure that people will come back long after the game receives its final update in 2020 and not only just that but a good set of community tools can ensure that clans and different parts of the community be represented throughout the game’s lifecycle.

Redesign of Grand Operations

Grand Operations is not what I nor anyone expected.

Battlefield V’s attempt at building off of the success of Operations just has been completely lackluster despite having a good base to start from. The mode has garnered some disappointment within the community and many people, including myself, are left confused on how GO is an improvement from OP. Grand Operations feels disjointed despite attempting to immerse you in the World War II experience with the Airborne and Breakthrough modes. It’s just a mixed playlist that can be done better.

It’s made worse by the fact that is little to no immersion in the mode. There is no drama, there is no atmosphere, there is no feeling of war, there is no story beats and it just feels bland despite having a good base to start from. Airborne is a good base to start from but it doesn’t feel like an important or a necessary gamemode, Frontlines often ends with a blowout, and why is Conquest in this game mode to begin with? The lack of cutscenes means that all tension has been lost, the wall of text that you get at the beginning feels pointless and just doesn’t add any sort of immersion in the mode and it feels like it was a placeholder for something better. Grand Operations just feels like a massive downgrade to the Operations experience despite having a very good base in the Airborne mode.

I recommend a complete overhaul of Grand Operations and an overhaul improvement to the Airborne mode. This is one of the reasons why I want to slap DICE in the forehead, they often go and change things that doesn’t need changing. Operations in Battlefield 1 was groundbreaking because it was one of those new experiences in the franchise and because it brought World War I out of the shadows and into the mainstream by focusing on true to life historical battles and showcasing how important certain battles of the war were critical to the Entente victory. Why DICE needed to change this is unknown to me and honestly is confusing to me. DICE PLS.

The Eastern Front

The battles on the Eastern Front were and are the largest battles to be ever fought in modern history. They were characterized by unparalleled brutality and unprecedented severity. The Eastern Front was the site of the Final Solution and some of the war’s most brutal and deadliest battles. Out of the 70 million casualties that have been attributed to World War II, nearly half occurred on the Eastern Front.

We know that the fanbase wants a little more of World War II added into the game, at least some of the war’s most iconic fights. If the Tides of War goes in order of the real war then this would be a great spot to begin adding the war’s most famous and iconic fights.

The Pacific Theater

The Pacific Theater is a relatively unknown theater of the war despite having some famous battles like Guadalcanal, Midway, the Coral Sea, and more but the stories of the US Marines that landed on Tarawa, Saipan, Peleliu and the stories of the US Army returning to the Philippines have been left untouched by media and videogames so it would be really cool to see these stories come to life in Battlefield V.

It would be cool to see the Pacific Theater come to life in some of its entirety for the first time since Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault and Battlefield 1943, a World War II spinoff that released in 2009. If DICE is going for the unknown, the untold, and the unplayed in Battlefield V, why not start with this? There are plenty of the untold and the unplayed in the Pacific Theater. Battlefield V could end up being a very unique take on World War II if DICE plays their cards right.

The Air War

Lastly, the war in the air.

The air war played a huge role in all the theatres of World War II, especially in Europe where it made the most impact. Nazi Germany and the Empire of Japan depended on air forces in their battles against the Allies. By difference, the Allies took an approach with a different tactic that would be a default tactic as the 20th century progressed and new wars like Vietnam began: this tactic was carpet bombing and taking control of the air as the war progressed. Some of the biggest air battles in history took place during World War II so to have a nod to that part of the war would be awesome and pretty neat to see in Air Superiority. Battles like the the Doolittle Raid, Midway, the Coral Sea, and more could play a huge role in players fantasies of controlling a B29 or a P-51 Mustang over Germany or Midway.

There is more that I could add but these are the ones that automatically sprang to my mind after reading a post on Reddit on how many people want to see more of World War II in the game. I’m sure 2019 will end up being a good year for the game.

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