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Letters from the Front

The Tides of War live service is Battlefield V’s live service which will take the player-base on a journey throughout the Second World War as it happened in real life 79 years ago.

To be fair, Battlefield V shows a lot of promise to become a unique World War II shooter, one that doesn’t take the same routes as other World War II games before it as it takes place in the very beginning of the war and DICE has an opportunity to go anywhere, as long as they don’t screw it up. To be fair, I don’t have much faith in the Tides of War Live Service given Star Wars: Battlefront II and the state of that game currently and the state of it doesn’t look good. Battlefield V could really end up having the same fate as Battlefront II as 2019 progresses and that is scary.

Reason why I’m concerned that Battlefield V could end up having the same fate as Battlefront II is that the game failed commercially and we all know how EA doesn’t stick with a game if it failed so they can pull the game from the rotation any day now and the first expansion that released last December showed promise but Panzerstorm and Crete, the map arriving in March has me concerned since the game will have the same amount of maps that were available at the launch of Battlefield 1. 5 months after launch with the same amount of maps that were available at the launch of Battlefield 1 doesn’t look too healthy and is sketchy and on top of that, we still don’t know what are DICE’s post-launch plans after March and how will they implement new factions into the game’s life cycle.

So I decided to make a list on how DICE can surprise us with the Tides of War Live Service and make sure that they don’t hijack it.

The Americans

In Battlefield V, the American Army or the United States Marine Corps does not make an appearance at this stage of the game since the second chapter still is set in 1940 but we do know there is evidence that either the American Army or the USMC will make an appearance in the game at some point since a lot of Battlefield V’s concept art focuses a good amount of time on the American soldier above and his gear. It would be cool to see both the American Army and the USMC make an appearance in the game in their respective theaters of war but this is unlikely. Most likely, DICE will add the American Army and their respective fights in Italy, France, Belgium, and Germany as the Live Service continues.

The Soviet Union

We do know that the Soviet Union will make its debut sometime soon after Chapter 3: Trial by Fire and we do know that they will be their own separate faction, away from the Allies so that will make the Allies two factions under one banner. The Tides of War Live Service is going in order of how the war played out in real life so that means that the Soviet Union will come first before the United States enter the game and after the United States, we’ll get into the more iconic battles of the war.

It is unknown currently when the Soviet Union will make their appearance but we do know that they’re coming soon.


Japan and the entire Pacific Theater is a relatively unknown at this point in Battlefield V. There has been hints regarding some famous maps making their return but it’s a big speculation. DICE may not want to focus on Japan and the Pacific War but instead want to focus on the German side of World War II showcasing fronts like North Africa, The Eastern Front, and the Western Front leaving out the Pacific and the fight against Japan.

If I were DICE, I would definitely do this. If I was going for the unknown, the untold, the unplayed then I would definitely add some Pacific maps in the game. The Pacific Theater offers a lot more scenarios then what you would get in the European Theater: In Europe, you receive forest fights, urban combat, massive tank battles, beach assaults but in the Pacific, you get a whole different ball game. From naval fights like Midway to jungle warfare like Guadalcanal or Cape Gloucester, the Pacific offers more and iconic gamemodes like Carrier Assault can make a comeback and also, this would be the quickest way to add the American faction in the game with Wake Island, Guam, and a possible Philippines map that could be about the Fall of the Philippines in 1941 and 1942. The Pacific encompasses what Battlefield truly is about: Land, Sea, and Air and the Pacific Theater can bring that to life.

Iconic Battles of World War II

I think for the core Battlefield audience, the audience is mostly comprised of people in their 20s like myself who grew up consuming World War II media after the successes of Saving Private Ryan have a very specific view of World War II. In my personal case, if it wasn’t for my grandfather who served in the actual war, Saving Private Ryan, Band of Brothers, and the video games of the 2000s then I would’ve found history and World War II to be something completely boring but I think people like myself who grew up with those movies and games have a very specific view of the war. That specific view of the war from watching and playing those very iconic games that pushed gaming at a time when it was considered weird, that’s what we grew to love and that is the type of World War II experience that we want out of our video games today in the present. I want a World War II game that screams gritty, breathes authenticity and showcases these big and famous battles in a brand new light redesigned for the modern day. We want basically an up to date version of Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield V doesn’t necessarily offer that at this time.

It’s really weird to say this but Battlefield V doesn’t necessarily feel like a World War II game. I know that’s a weird thing to say but it doesn’t necessarily come over as a World War II game. It comes over as a war game set in the present than a game set 70 years ago. I miss seeing the Americans, I miss fighting in iconic French villages or fighting in large cities like Stalingrad with a PPSH and a DP-28 on my back. I miss flying a P-51 Mustang over a small island in the Pacific. I want an up to date version of Bastogne that brings to life the Battle of the Bulge in a new way that we have never seen before. Technology has come a long way from 2002 and now we’re at a point where we can see these iconic battles differently and in a new light.

Yes, in time, we’ll see the Americans and the Russians and hopefully, D-Day ( not Omaha Beach again, please.) will come to the game down the line but that’s very different than having them at launch. I think it was an absolutely wrong decision to not have those iconic battles at launch with those iconic factions. I’m not discrediting DICE for what they did here, I applaud them for trying to showcase the lesser known parts of the war, the parts that are often overshadowed but it’s a disappointment to not get those at launch.

Battlefield V doesn’t necessarily offer that epic World War II experience that we wanted from the very beginning but hopefully, in time, we’ll get it and that is where the game has the most potential to become something quite rare. I’m going to sound like I’m contradicting myself here but I’m glad that I’m not playing the same World War II game with the same stuff that I’ve done a million other times in other World War II games, I’m glad that Battlefield V is taking a very different approach to World War II in a way that we have never seen before but on the other hand, I want that classic World War II experience that I grew to love. Call of Duty: WWII absolutely failed in this department, those classic moments just felt like a choir and felt like I’ve done this a million times before but with Battlefield, those classic moments can come back and DICE can do them the right way. I hope that we get those experiences down the line but I’m not holding my breath because Tides of War is a concern.

Tides of War is a concern for me because DICE and EA have removed Premium Pass which guaranteed content and a Live Service doesn’t necessarily guarantee that these iconic moments of the war might not even arrive because EA might decide to cut funding for the game and put DICE in creating a new Star Wars game. According to leak reports, the sales for Battlefield V aren’t that great and we know that EA likes money and if a product isn’t selling well then they might decide it’s not worth it in the long run and cancel all content that was due to arrive which makes Battlefield V DOA and the Battlefield V can end up having the same fate as Battlefront II.

No matter what DICE’s stance is on the matter and no matter on what they say, DICE eventually answers to EA and whatever EA says, it goes. I’m hoping for the best because Battlefield V is one of the most interesting titles in the franchise and innovates on some key aspects of the franchise that makes this game worthwhile. I want those iconic moments and I want to see this game grow, it may not have the growth of Battlefield 1 or Battlefield 4 but it has a ton of promise to bring World War II to life with showcasing unknown theaters and the iconic aspects of the war such as D-Day. Hopefully, EA sticks with the game so DICE can bring World War II to life.

More than 1 map per month

According to the road map, Battlefield V will receive another map in March surrounding the German invasion of Greece and the Battle of Crete where it was the first time that Airborne troops were used in combat and Panzerstorm released last month and that is concerning.

In less than 5 months, Battlefield V will have the same amount of maps as Battlefield 1 launched with back in 2016 and that is concerning. If DICE wants to bring World War II to life like they claim then I recommend them working on 4 to 5 maps to bring the theater to life. World War II was the largest war that mankind ever fought so it seems best to do 4 or 5 maps and release it all in one go rather than just one map per month. If DICE plans to add D-Day or the Eastern Front then its best to do 4 maps and bring that theater or battle to life.

I would love to see this game explore World War II in new ways and the only way to do that is by bringing more than one map per month and fleshing out the theme for that particular chapter but that vision won’t necessarily come to life if you release one map per month. Panzerstorm and Overture was a missed opportunity to showcase the Battle of Belgium and what happened on that front during Fall Gleb. Hopefully, DICE realizes this vision and after Chapter 3, the roadmap will be updated and we’ll start to see expansion-sized updates with more than 1 map to showcase World War II in its entierity.

I want to see Battlefield V grow into a good World War II game and a good game in general. Battlefield V shows a good amount of promise to become a very unique World War II game but its up to DICE to set that vision and make it grow despite immense backlash, low sales, and the unpredictable nature of EA. Let’s see how Battlefield V will fare in 2019.

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