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Letters from the Front

Spiderman’s first DLC which released in October is like a small game inside of a larger game. The Heist serves as the first chapter of a larger three part story waiting to be told ( now told as the last DLC released in December.) across the saga known as The City That Never Sleeps, outside of how little it feels on its own, its a great reminder on how large and expansive Spiderman’s world is with small little stories taking place all across New York City.

The Heist begins shortly after the events of the main game. New York’s mob families return to the fold and to fill in the void left behind by the villains that Spiderman defeated in the main game. The story begins with a heist that Spiderman checks out after Mary Jane gets a tip that members of a mafia family is attempting to rob a piece of fine art from the local museum and it is here that Peter Parker meets his ex-girlfriend, Felicia Hardy, the Black Cat, who is attempting to steal the painting and is in association with the Maggia Family. Spiderman finds out later that Black Cat has her own motivations and the story begins.

Much of the DLC is played in a particular pattern, one that feels repetitive which is go to the checkpoint, defeat baddies, learn more about Black Cat’s motives and why has she returned to New York City and why has she returned to Peter Parker’s life. It ends up being repetitive and not a lot of fun and the opening mission is a good example of this repetitive mission structure and the rest of it feels discombobulated and disconnected, everything blends together and beating up mafia goons doesn’t feel the same as beating up the enemies from the base game.

All the collectibles within “The Heist.” is mostly reskinned from the base game which is disappointing. Instead of collecting backpacks, you’re collecting pieces of artwork that have gone missing and were taken by the original Black Cat. The Heist doesn’t offer anything new in terms of suit abilities or suit powers, but there are new suits you can unlock which is a plus if you’re looking to freshen up Peter Parker- the Resilient Suit, the Spider-II, and the Spider-UK suit can be unlocked but each is cosmetic.

In the end, The Heist doesn’t bring anything new but it is still an enjoyable time. The Heist is well worth your time if you’re interested in hopping back into the world of Spiderman and continue his story. In this expanded story, Insomniac gives out hints towards the next DLC which is titled “Turf Wars.” and revolves around Hammerhead and his gang.

Stay tuned for the next two reviews coming soon.

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