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Letters from the Front

As I am writing this, I’m playing The Division 2 and spending several hours with it. Right now, I’m currently exploring the world and doing some side quests before moving onto the next big mission. There is a lot to absorb and take away from in the sequel to one of 2016’s biggest games.

Starting from the very beginning, we begin a very memorable mission which is to defend the White House from the enemy. After eliminating the threat and ending the siege, we moved into the famous iconic landmark which has been transformed into the BOP for The Division and it is a jarring sight to behold as there are tables flipped, supply crates lining the hallways, and people gathering around inside the White House. It is a very different setting from The Division’s post office BOP which was a very important hub in the original game.

Once we settle into our digs in the White House, we move on to a settlement where we are tasked to find Eleanor Sawyer, the daughter of the settlement’s leader and she’s hold up in the Grand Washington Hotel. The spaces here are more open so you can do more and flank around enemies while the spaces in the settlements are more important then they were in the original Division. With your help, the settlements can grow and slowly life will return to the area. With your help, humanity can rebuild and survive in the wake of the Dollar Flu, the flu that ravaged the country before the beginning of the original Division. Once we complete the mission which ended in a boss fight, we return to the settlement’s leader. This mission completes the main story missions available to you in the beta and we’re allowed to free roam across the city, completing SHD and Side Quests on top of now entering The Dark Zone.

The Division 2 picks up seven months after the end of the original game in a post-pandemic Washington D.C and it is a very different setting to that of the snow-covered New York City setting of the original game. Nature has reclaimed most of D.C leaving it almost apocalyptic as vines crawl up trees and the roads are cracked and have heaved into numerous spots around the city. Now with New York City secured, The Division has moved to D.C to try and rebuild what is left but they quickly find out that the nation’s capital is under threat from a mysterious new foe who calls themselves the True Sons and that American society is on the brink of collapse so it’s up to The Division to restore American society and bring the nation back from the brink of collapse.

On top of a very Tom Clancy-esque storyline that mirrors a lot of real-world events, The Division 2 is set in a 1:1 representation of the real Washington D.C which makes the game world more authentic than ever before and it has a weather system that is more dynamic than the snow-covered Manhattan seen in the original game. There’s rain, fog, thunderstorms, weather that is often seen in Spring and Summertime. For example, we did battle along a street corridor in heavy, pea-soup fog which changed everything about the battle. Without a sightline to engage, my friends and I moved from cover to cover and engaging the enemy in close quarters and it changed the entire outcome of the battle.

On top of a well-crafted weather system, The Division 2 has interesting factions and really good loot drops. In terms of loot, item drops are the most important component of The Division 2 since the entire game revolves around loot drops and gaining new gear. The first game had an in-depth endgame built around loot but it has improved here and it has become more accessible here than having an Easter egg type of thing where you can mix and match and have to find which are the good sets. Here in The Division 2, it is more of a grind as you can just go head first and uncover layer upon layer and uncover of the RPG side that The Division is known for.

In terms of the factions, The Division 2 has much more than that of the original game. Comprising of four different factions fighting for control over the nation’s capital, The Division must insert itself into this civil war and stop the new mysterious foe that is called the True Sons which are the game’s main antagonist.

The first two factions are in the beta. These are the Hyenas and the survivors, the Hyenas are an anarchist group while the Survivors are the faction that The Division sides with and is the Division’s ally as they fight for control of the nation’s capital. The other factions are yet to be seen which I assume we’ll see in the final game.

For now, The Division 2 looks promising with brand new factions, an interesting plotline, a new dynamic weather system, and a better gear system. Stay tuned for my First Impressions coming tomorrow and my final thoughts on the beta coming on February 10th.

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