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Letters from the Front

I believe that for the Battlefield core audience, many of them are just like me who grew up consuming World War II media like Saving Private Ryan or Band of Brothers and many of us have connections to the war such as family members serving in the actual conflict and I think all of us who grew up in the 2000s have a specific view of the conflict. That specific view of World War II comes from those films and video games that we grew up playing and loving and it is that type of experience that we want out of a video game that is set within World War II.

Battlefield V does not necessarily offer that and nor does it come off as a World War II game which can be attributed to the early war mantra that DICE is attempting to pull off by setting Battlefield V and the first three chapters of the Tides of War live service in 1940 to 1941, I do applaud them on trying to showcase the lesser-known aspects of World War II, the battles and the conflicts that have become overshadowed but I think it was the wrong decision to take since World War II is the most documented conflict in history and taking that mantra into a conflict that is widely known about wasn’t the right way to go about things. It worked for Battlefield 1 since World War I is an obscure conflict, one that has faded into time and bringing to life battles like the Somme worked because it was an obscure conflict and one that barely anyone knew outside of the countries that participated in it. However, for World War II and Battlefield V, it wasn’t the right way to go about things since it is the most well-known conflict of the 20th century and the most recorded one.

As the Tides of War churn and after watching MrProWestie’s video on the subject matter, I was inspired to begin my own list on some of the classic maps that DICE should incorporate into Battlefield V once the Tides of War reaches that specific year so here it is. Enjoy!

Iwo Jima

This would have be to one of the last maps to be incorporated into Battlefield V before the game’s lifecycle ends since it was a late war battle. Tides of War is the Live Service that will take us on a journey throughout World War II and currently we’re in the year 1941, a very important year in the overall course of the World War II timeline.

Iwo Jima was first seen in Battlefield 1942 with American forces launching from two battleships and assaulting the island. It was set up as a map featuring Conquest Assault with the Japanese holding 4 out of the 5 flags on the island, one flag was neutral and was in the middle of the beach where the Americans would land at and push up. Now a map like this in Battlefield V would really bring out the WW2 “feeling.” that we wanted from the very beginning which is not present in Battlefield V at the moment. As a twist, you can add Grand Operations and Breakthrough to the map which would really bring out the WW2 feeling with Americans having to storm the beach in the first day and getting as far as they can before Day 2 begins with Breakthrough. Breakthrough would split the island in different sectors where the Americans would have to capture sector by sector and work their way up towards Mount Suribachi where the match will end with a potential winner. It could be really immersive and epic.

Wake Island

You cannot simply have a Battlefield title set within World War II without Wake Island.

Wake Island is the more fan-favorite map out of this entire list as it was in multiple Battlefield titles, making its last appearance in 2011 in the Back to Karkand expansion pack for Battlefield 3. It has seen 8 different revisions in each of the Battlefield titles that the map was featured in and now it would have a purpose as the game is set in World War II instead of a fictional conflict in the 21st century.

In the real conflict, Wake Island was under siege two different times throughout 1941 in which the first assault was repulsed by the Americans who were defending and the second time the Japanese overwhelmed the American forces and forced them to surrender. This would be the perfect way to not only introduce the American faction in Battlefield V but also introduce the Pacific Theater into the game in which you can build off from as the Tides of War progresses into 1944 and 1945.


Stalingrad was last seen in Battlefield 1 where it took the name of “Tsaritsyn.” which was the real name of Stalingrad before the city changed its name to Stalingrad in 1925 to honor Joseph Stalin and his actions during the pivotal battle for the city.

It would be quite neat to see the city return in Battlefield V and compare between the three versions that would exist in 1942, 1, and V and see how things have changed and on top, you simply cannot have the Red Army without doing their most important battles during the Second World War. It would be a huge missed opportunity to not have Stalingrad when the Eastern Front comes around.

Monte Cassino

Monte Cassino was last seen in Battlefield 1942 in the Road to Rome expansion pack which released over 15 years ago so it would be pretty neat to have the map return in Battlefield V featuring the Americans and their battle for the Rapido River, Monastery Hill, and the town itself. In 1942, Monte Cassino was seen through French eyes so it would be neat to see a different perspective of this iconic battle.

In the real conflict, Monte Cassino came under assault four different times throughout the early months of 1944 by all the Allied forces and finally securing Monte Cassino and marching into Rome on the eve of the largest invasion in history.


Despite every single WW2 game in existence featuring Normandy and the Allied assault in northern France, it would be nice to see this once again in a videogame but done in the right way and the twist could be the British viewpoint instead of the tiresome and cumbersome American viewpoint that many WW2 games tend to feature.

Many people forget that D-Day wasn’t just the American assault on Omaha Beach, Utah Beach, and the Airborne assault on the eve of the largest seaborne invasion in the history of man and the history of warfare. It would be nice to see D-Day through the eyes of British paratroopers as they secure Pegasus Bridge and their fight for the city of Caen, a new viewpoint in a legendary battle that not only changed the world but was the first step in liberating Europe from German occupation. It is the perfect usage of what DICE is trying to accomplish with Battlefield V, to bring to light the unknown, the unplayed, and the unseen parts of World War II. Sections that have been overlooked in media and entertainment about the Second World War. Pegasus Bridge has been in only one videogame and that was in the original Call of Duty while Caen has been in many like Call of Duty 2 and Battlefield 1942 but not in the way Battlefield V is attempting to showcase the Second World War.

Grand Operations and Breakthrough were meant for a legendary battle like D-Day or Iwo Jima. Day One could be the glider assault at Pegasus Bridge while Day 2, using Breakthrough, could be the British breaking out of the bridge and fighting sector by sector and Day 3, the final day would be about their battle for Caen and ending in a Final Stand amongst the ruins. It would be nice to receive another viewpoint in a battle that has been seen countless times before featuring only the Americans in videogames.

DICE’s approach to World War II hasn’t been the right one but it can be fixed if they focus on both the lesser known and the well-known battles of World War II. Later this month, the next chapter of Tides of War will release which will push Battlefield V from 1940 and into 1941 where the war reaches Greece. Stay tuned for my first impressions of BFV: Trial by Fire.

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2 comments on “Top 5 Classic BF1942 Maps That DICE Could Add in BFV

  1. ABC says:

    All my gaming reads are from social media and reddit now, where unfortunately many would do better to keep quiet. So very refreshing to see content coming from an author with writing skills – present a premise and setup, provide arguments, correlate the gaming and historical context, make a conclusion. Thank you keep up the good work.

    1. Physics says:

      Thank you so much! This means alot!

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