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Letters from the Front

According to EA and DICE, the future of Battlefield V is bright. There’s a lot of people out there, including myself, that are concerned for the future of the game and believe that EA and DICE will silently cut the game off from life support and leave us dangling in the year 1941 without any new content updates. The reason for this concern is solely because of the events that led up to launch and sales figures weren’t as high as EA wanted despite selling 7.3 million which itself is pretty good for a game that was dragged on prior to the launch. The evidence so far has led to the conclusion that the game is being worked on by a skeleton crew and that the rest of DICE is either working on the next installment or working on the next installment of Star Wars: Battlefront, Battlefront III and that the game will be unplugged shortly after the release of Firestorm.

It seems that EA and DICE were able to judge the community’s sentiment correctly and decided to release the game’s first Community Broadcast on the forums and on Reddit on Friday. Ben Walke, the new global community manager for Battlefield V, released Community Broadcast 001 and explained some things while giving away a hint for the future of the game. We’re going to be getting more information and that information will be given to us in a quicker time span.

Ben and the Battlefield V Dev Team are launching Operation Sunrise, which can be said that Operation Sunrise is the equivalent of Operation Health from Rainbow Six: Siege in which the development team tries to improve the game with a series of improvements, bug fixes, changes, and more which also includes better communication and acknowledging their mistakes, several quotes stood out to me while I was taking a peek at the new Community Broadcast:


“You have been asking for what is coming next, and although we can’t release it today, or are ready to showcase it today, we can commit that you will be seeing it March, before the launch of Firestorm.

Our goal for the Roadmap is simple, we want to showcase as much as we can commit to delivering to you at a high level of quality. If we are not sure we can give you the quality you expect, we won’t show it.

We see our Roadmaps as a platform to give you an insight into what’s in store for the future of Battlefield V, while other areas of Operation Sunrise, Dev Talks, Live Streams and Twitter Takeovers will be where we go in-depth.


“Now the launch of BFV did not go as smoothly as we had hoped, you were missing experiences you expected, some areas of the game were not what you anticipated from us, and our day to day transparency from Reveal to Today was inconsistent and could have been better.

We have been working hard over the last few months to fix the issues you are seeing and to add the experiences on offer. We want to move forward and kick off, towards an ever-changing live service.”

The last statement is a pretty bold way of going about things, admitting that it wasn’t the best course of action to take the unknown, the unseen, the unplayed mantra from Battlefield 1 and into Battlefield V, a game set in the most recorded, most well-known conflict of the 20th century, a war so big that it touched every nation and admitting that things aren’t sitting right with Battlefield V and that things could be much much better and delivering that WW2 experience that we believed Battlefield was able to do, in a way that games like Call of Duty: WW2 failed to accomplish.

Since the reveal of the game back in May 2018, the community has been fractured and very much hostile in certain places and it now looks like Ben, the community team, and the Battlefield V dev team are taking things seriously and that’s all good news.

Now, moving onto the future side of things. Battlefield V is taking a new approach to Live Service and post-launch support, we’re no longer looking at a Season Pass type of situation but now are looking at Live Service in where content, including major pieces of content like the United States or Japan entering the game, is free and updates are able to be released more frequently. Ben confirmed that there will be a new roadmap releasing sometime in mid-March that will delve pretty far into 2019 and will hopefully detail new things like the Eastern Front or the Pacific Theater. Now, I know that the Community Broadcast 001 didn’t delve into any future pieces of content that the game will have but I believe that future Community Broadcasts will delve into that as we head further into 2019. I believe this first Community Broadcast was to introduce Ben Walke to the Battlefield community and to detail what will be happening with the game and how DICE will go about things in the weeks leading up and after the launch of Firestorm.

In the end, I feel confident about the future of Battlefield V because of this announcement. I firmly believe that once the roadmap gets updated later on in the month that Operation Sunrise will truly kick off and that the Live Service that DICE promised back in the reveal will truly begin, there is a new day on the horizon and I couldn’t feel any better. Let the Spring renewal begin.

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