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Letters from the Front

Can’t wait.

Halo: Infinite is the next and final installment in the Reclaimer Saga that began with Halo 4 back in 2012 and according to rumors that it will be a launch title for the next generation Xbox. However, we keep getting news updates regarding the title and recently, Bonnie Ross of 343 Industries sat down with IGN to discuss Halo: Infinite and how development was going. Some interesting things were said.

According to Bonnie Ross, Halo: Infinite is a “spiritual reboot” for the franchise and marks a new beginning, a fresh start for the Halo brand. 343i wanted to do more with Halo: Infinite and thus the reason why 343i created a brand new engine, you can read a select part of the interview down below:

“We’re kind of calling it a spiritual reboot. That’s kind of how we talk about it… The Halo engine is a very technical, engineering-focused engine. It’s super hard for creatives to work in. It’s super hard for a lot of creatives to work in, at one time. We did a ton of work on Halo 4, on the engine, to get it to look… I think it looked amazing for being on the last-generation on the last year of the platform. We promised the team we would do the work on the tools and pipeline for Halo 5, so it wasn’t such a challenging environment to develop on. You know… best-laid plans… we didn’t do that and the team, rightfully so, basically called us on it… we want to do more with Halo… we want to have a team that can do their best creative work within our engine. So it really was taking the time off and, as we announced the Slipspace Engine last year, it is all to make sure we’re building the platform for the future of Halo.”

Ross Bonnie interview, IGN.

Rumors outside of 343i has stated that Halo Infinite will go the open world route and will have some sort of RPG mechanics tied into it. The teaser at E3 last year gave us an impression that the game will certainly go down the open world route but only time will tell.

Halo 5 wasn’t the best of Halos despite the multiplayer being one of the best Halo multiplayers of all time so let’s hope Halo: Infinite lives up to the hype. Hopefully, we’ll see more of Halo Infinite at E3 2019.

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