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Letters from the Front

The worst kept secret in gaming has finally been revealed!

Gearbox working on a new Borderlands title isn’t no secret given that Randy Pitchford said back in 2015 that the studio was looking for new talent to help create Borderlands 3 and last year, Randy basically confirmed that he and the team was indeed creating the next installment.

It’s been more than six years since Borderlands 2 released which shipped on the last generation consoles and since then, Gearbox and their partners have released two spin-offs of the main franchise which were Tales of the Borderlands, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, and Borderlands 2 VR so this well deserved tease has been coming for a very long time.

On Tuesday, Gearbox hinted at Borderlands 3 in a not-too-subtle tweet that said to tune in to PAX East where they’ll reveal Borderlands 3 and a few surprises. Here’s the panel down below:

” This is your opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look at Gearbox Software and Gearbox Publishing, along with the latest news and updates from the makers of Borderlands, Battleborn, Brothers in Arms, and more! We will have never-before-seen reveals, exclusives, and surprises, so don’t miss out!”

It will be interesting to see how Borderlands 3 ends up being as it has been a while since we last saw Borderlands and the industry has changed a lot since Borderlands 2 released in 2011. In the years since Borderlands 2 released, a lot of the industry has shifted over to GAAS or implementing a Live Service with monetization enabled with a heavy focus on multiplayer and the meaning of “Looter Shooters” have changed. Borderlands pioneered the “Looter Shooter” genre back in 2009, Borderlands and Borderlands 2 were the only “Looter Shooter” games on the market in 2009 and 2011 respectively but that has changed. Looter Shooters generally now mean games like Anthem and The Division with a heavy focus on multiplayer and MTX. I wonder how Gearbox will navigate around in today’s world.

We should learn more about Borderlands 3 and “other surprises” at PAX East on March 28th. I hope by “other surprises” , it actually means the conclusion of Brothers in Arms. It’s been a while.

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