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Letters from the Front

Battlefield V has been a wild ride so far, and not of the good kind.

During the lead up to the launch of Battlefield V in November 2018, DICE laid out the many ambitions that DICE would hope to achieve the very thing they would set out to accomplish. The evolution of Operations, dubbed Grand Operations, would immerse you into the historical battles fought during the Second World War and would add a new array of objectives amongst ever changing playlist of game modes. A coop mode titled Combined Arms would provide an always-evolving destination to play with your friends. A new system that would allow you to customize your soldiers and of course, Battle Royale, dubbed Firestorm which just released last month.

At launch, Battlefield V launched with all of the promised features except for Battle Royale, Combined Arms, and other features like tank body customization. Although the return to classic Battlefield, classic squad-based play that was missing from the franchise since Battlefield 2, classic refractor-era gameplay that pushed squad play even more, amongst other features which made the game a joy despite being a title that felt more something that was under construction. Fast forward to now and Battlefield V still has a long way to go despite DICE turning it around with these last few updates. Playing catch-up is nothing new but DICE is getting there and now we know the future.

Back on March 22nd, EA DICE released Roadmap #2 and now we’re confident in what EA DICE will be delivering for the next six months for Battlefield V. What they set out to do at the launch event in May 2018 could possibly be realized now.

Roadmap 2: 1941-1942.

Let’s begin with Chapter 3. The chapter that we’re currently on.

Chapter III: Trial by Fire

The highlight of Chapter 3 is the Battle Royale mode, Firestorm which has been a kind of revitalization for the game. Firestorm has been the crown jewel of Chapter 3 but now we know what’s coming after. In April, DICE will expand Combined Arms with a set of new missions and in May, the first of two Greek maps will arrive. This first map is titled Mercury and is set around Operation Mercury, the German invasion of Crete after the Fall of Greece and in June, a brand new game mode will be added.

Chapter IV: Defying the Odds

This is where the good stuff kicks in. Battlefield has always been about maps and the locations that you get to play in and so Battlefield V has been a massive disappointment in that section. New maps and new locations is number one on my list of things that this game desperately needs to succeed and I hope that Marita and for that matter, Mercury, kicks things into high gear here. Chapter 4 seems to be all about maps as we’ll be getting 2 maps for regular multiplayer and what seems like a set of 2-5 maps for the “Up Close and Personal.” mode which has been datamined to be a Competitive mode.

Chapter V: Awakening the Giant

Get ready for a land, air, and sea invasion in a completely new theater of war.So, where will Chapter 5 take you? Where will you fight, who will you be, and what will we bring you from mankind’s greatest conflict? Time will tell. 

When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, Japan poked a sleeping giant and brought the full wraith of American military might onto themselves. What began as a disaster turned into victory as Marines and Soldiers island hopped across the Pacific towards the Japanese homeland. Chapter 5 most certainly points to the American faction entering Battlefield V.

My final thoughts:

That’s currently all the content that we know of for now. There are some stuff that haven’t been fully revealed yet but lets summarize everything we know. At least 3 new multiplayer maps for traditional multiplayer and even more maps with the datamined competitive mode, 4 new game modes, and in the fall, a brand new theater of war will make its way into Battlefield V hopefully showcasing the brutal fight for the Pacific. Chapter 5 seems to be the biggest content drop yet into the game, hopefully showcasing what they promised in the May 2018 reveal.

That’s not too bad but I’m disappointed to a degree as DICE is still playing catch-up here and that we’re going to wait an extra 5 weeks to get a new traditional multiplayer map. Chapter 4 seems to be choked filled with multiplayer content and Chapter 5 will seem to reinvigorate the game once more as the community has been begging for the Americans to enter the game. Chapter 5 releasing in autumn is to be expected as DICE and EA would certainly want to hype up the American faction with their set of gear, weapons, and vehicles so leaving that in the holiday season makes sense. If you remember Battlefield 1, EA and DICE did the same exact strategy with the Russians in Autumn 2017. Do I wish that this roadmap was slightly better? Yes. Would I wish there to be more maps? Yes. Do I wish there was more content? Yes. However, some of the content that we currently know of look to be really good.

I’m not a fan of this continued use of vague terminology, vague outlines, and terrible communications that makes this a very bad wild ride. Take Chapter 4 for example, the competitive mode isn’t properly explained and the Urban Combat map, no details are shared except that it will be some kind of remaster or re-imagining from one of the previous games in the franchise and yet it’s on the roadmap for everyone to see. DICE should really stop releasing these teases and begin properly explaining what it is that we’re getting and commit to breaking things down for us. I understand the reasoning behind Chapter 5 as Chapter 5 is set in a completely new theater of war and they want to hold it close to their chest despite everybody knowing what it is by now as it is very likely that the description teases the brutal campaign across the Pacific Theater.

At the end of the day, this Live Service through World War II has completely failed if this the quality that we’re going to be getting. We want to support the game, we want to rally around a game that appears to be the most promising World War II game in maybe years but the community can’t if there is no explanation on what we’re going to be getting. Better communication is the key here and I’m not seeing it.

Battlefield V has a long way to go despite all signs that the game is indeed getting better and making a big turn around. DICE and EA have really bungled this one but this is a good step in the right direction.

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