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Letters from the Front

Remake maps have always been a thing in previous Battlefield games and in numerous FPS games like in Call of Duty. However, in the Battlefield games, old maps are often called out by the community and are the most beloved maps in franchise history. It would be nice to get a nice selection of old maps to become available in Battlefield V if DICE choose to bring them back.

With 16 years of Battlefield behind us, it would be nice to get a nice collection celebrating some of the franchise’s most revered maps and seeing that we’re returning to the Second World War in this installment, there couldn’t be more of a fitting time to look back. Without further ado, here are the top 5 remake maps that DICE should add in Battlefield V.


Amiens was a map in Battlefield 1 and was set in the later stages of World War I, set during the German Spring Offensive. Amiens is an extremely dense and expansive urban map and is often cited as one of the best maps in Battlefield history.

Amiens would make a fitting map to add in Battlefield V as Amiens would see combat yet again in the Second World War 22 years later. It would be a nice reminder and would be really neat to compare the 1918 version of Amiens and the 1940 version of Amiens that would make an apperance within Battlefield V.

Operation Metro

Operation Metro is set in Paris but takes place in an unnamed French park, the underground system, and a cafe surrounded by apartment blocks and the Paris Stock Exchange. It is often hailed as one of the greatest maps in Battlefield history and it would be killer for it to return in Battlefield V.

Although Paris never saw heavy combat in the Summer of 1944, it would still be killer for Operation Metro to return to the franchise. It’s a fan favorite map and a fun close quarters map. It’s meat grinder type of gameplay make it stand out amongst the rest of the maps in Battlefield 3 or Battlefield 4.

Seine Crossing

Much like Operation Metro, Seine Crossing is set in Paris on the banks of the Seine which flows through the map. Much like Operation Metro and Amiens, it is considered to be one of the greatest map levels to be in a Battlefield game.

Seine Crossing has influenced several map levels since it’s debut in Battlefield 3, the map has influenced Amiens and Rotterdam from Battlefield V as both maps feature shades of Seine Crossing and it would be really cool to see the original map come back. Although Paris never saw heavy combat, it would be neat to have both Seine Crossing and Operation Metro in Battlefield V and part of a Grand Operation.

Kiasar Railroad

Kiasar Railroad made its first and only apperance within Battlefield 3 in the final expansion titled Endgame is set near the city of Kiasar in northern Iran. I like this map for a lot of reasons, one is that its absolutely gorgeous and it has a really nice layout with open fields.

The map could return in Battlefield V with a different theme that aligns with the World War II theme that the game surrounds itself with. Kaisar Railroad can make an appearance in the Eastern Front set of maps and could take place on the banks of the Volga and German and Soviet forces can fight it out or Kaisar Railroad can appear on the Western Front in the beautiful French countryside. The reason why I would love this map to return is that it not only works well with Conquest but also with Capture of the Flag, if DICE ever chose Capture the Flag to return to the franchise, they should also bring this map back. Almost all of the Battlefield 3 maps work well with the franchise’s iconic game modes and it would surely work with Battlefield V’s game modes as well.

Operation Riverside

Considered to be one of the crown jewels of Battlefield 3: Endgame, Operation Riverside is considered to be one of the best maps ever made in Battlefield franchise history. Much like Kiasar Railroad, Operation Riverside works with Capture the Flag and Conquest and nearly most of Battlefield 3’s game modes which would make it a perfect fit for Battlefield V.

Operation Riverside could return in Battlefield V as a map set on the Western Front and could take place in the beautiful French countryside after the successes of Operation Overlord and the Allied landings on the beaches or the map could take place in the Vosges in the Winter of 1944 as that part of France saw heavy fighting. I think Operation Riverside and most of the Battlefield 3 maps would make great maps within Battlefield V.

Now when all is said and done, you have to give props to not only DICE but also DICE LA as looking back at these maps, the good outweigh the bad. These are classic maps that I hope to see return to Battlefield V. Adding remakes would certainly do Battlefield V some good. Come back tomorrow for Firestorm First Impressions, see you then!

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