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Letters from the Front

It is well known now that next generation is coming at a rapid pace and Microsoft is working on next-generation Xbox consoles under the umbrella of “Scarlett.” We’ve heard numerous leaks and rumors that Scarlett is the family name of the next generation Xbox consoles which will include 2 consoles which will include the Xbox One X predecessor codenamed Anaconda, and a less powerful console codenamed Lockhart. At this point in time, nothing is known about next generation or Microsoft’s game plan for next generation, outside of Anaconda being a very powerful console.

Here are 5 different things I would like to see Microsoft improve on for the next generation console.

Games! Games! Games!

At this point, this is practically a given.

2018 was a very big year for Microsoft. Microsoft responded to the criticism by purchasing several studios over the course of 2018, as well as committing to growing its existing studios with fresh talent.

This generation was an absolute disaster for Microsoft. Sea of Thieves was criticized for its lack of content and empty open world, Crackdown 3 was demolished, State of Decay 2 was slammed and Microsoft have disappointed certain fans with an array of high-profile cancellations like Scalebound. On top of a disappointing line-up and high profile cancellations, numerous potential franchises like RYSE and Quantum Break were cancelled after one game. In a long list of death and destruction, there has been a few gems to release this generation but the greatest hits doesn’t seem to come that often.

Next-generation is an opportunity to start fresh and rise from the ashes and hopefully, it is a fresh start for Microsoft.

Improving the OS

The current OS is the most annoying thing about the current Xbox consoles, regardless of what version you have. It’s clunky, unreliable, and sluggish.

Booting up apps and games sometimes fails. Navigation around the numerous sections is jittery, store pages are often slow to navigate around, and there’s a boatload of ads on the front dashboard for games I simply don’t care for. Compared to the Playstation 4, the Xbox OS just isn’t it.

There have been rumors that the next-generation Xbox will sport a brand new OS, that I hope will focus on fluidity while not only looking good but also implementing some features from the Windows side of things. There has been a rumor that the next generation Xbox will include SSD technology that should help speed up things.

More Customization!

Microsoft has a habit of creating custom hardware like custom consoles and custom controllers and most of the are awesome, however they’re not for public consumption which is a shame given that was a thing back in the 360 days. It would be cool for those custom consoles to be purchasable instead of attempting to win it through a Twitter giveaway.

On top of creating really cool customized hardware, Microsoft has really neglected some of its other accessories. Since Kinect is dead and over with, I don’t expect anything remotely similar to the Kinect will be coming back but however, I do expect Microsoft to be pushing VR heavily when it comes to the next generation Xbox. We already know that the Xbox One X can support VR but that effort was dropped so I expect that effort to return on the next generation Xbox and I hope the headsets will be customizable. Would be sweet to have NCAA, NFL, or NBA branding on the headsets and different colors on them and you can purchase them in different colors or even make your own very similar to the Xbox Controller Design Lab.

I hope to see a bigger emphasis on customization in the next generation and I hope to see more customized hardware go on sale for the public.

At the end of the day, this generation for Microsoft has been a complete disaster only to be turned around in the last couple years. They turned a defeat into victory in some regards but it hasn’t helped them against Sony which is fine because everyone tends to go their own way. This generation has been a disaster and Microsoft’s E3 showcase of the Xbox One in 2013 will go down in history as what not to do when it comes to unveiling your console and marketing your console not only for the fans but for those who are interested in the ecosystem.

Microsoft is in a great position right now with the next generation Xbox and Project xCloud set to debut in 2020. The stage is set for the next generation and now the execution needs to be nailed. I hope we get to see some of this at E3 2019.

* * * *

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