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Letters from the Front

On April 5th, the Microsoft leaker known as h0x0d leaked a potential upcoming addition to the Xbox Game Pass subscription service which has been dubbed as “Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.”

According to h0x0d, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will combine not only Xbox Game Pass but Xbox Live as well into a single subscription, for a little less than what you would have to buy separately. h0x0d reportedly claims that XGPU ( Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.) will cost $14.99 per month, as opposed to the $19.98 you have to shell out per month for Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live separately. It is unknown currently how much XGPU will cost annually although I would imagine it would be the same price point or a little bit higher.

To be fair, is this the ultimate deal? I believe so as you get two services for the price of one and it is very likely that Microsoft will attempt to do this since Xbox Live is a mandatory requirement for the games on Xbox Game Pass and combining the two is the smartest thing you could do on top of fulfilling one of the requests that have been coming from the fanbase. XGPU would be the ultimate combo on saving money as you would no longer have to shell out money for 2 separate subscriptions.

As with anything, this is a rumor but h0xod’s track record speaks for itself and so keep your eyes and ears open. The next edition of Inside Xbox will premiere sometime this month where I suspect XGPU and the Xbox One S All Digital Edition will be unveiled. We’ll find out this month if this rumor is true or not.

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