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Letters from the Front

In Washington, all roads lead to The White House. Every road in the city leads to it and this is true in The Division 2, we begin in the center and make our way around and by the time you reach Foggy Bottom you have reached the 7’o clock dial on the map.

In Foggy Bottom, right next to the Truman Safehouse is a tiny drive that leads all the way up to an underground station and right next to it is a small little observatory with a water fountain. In this station lays a secret bunker where the quest giver talks to me like she knows me and that we’ve met each other before, she sends me to Navy Hill which is the little observatory next door and the mission is short although fascinating. Once I complete this secret mission, another one opens up to the north and its called the G. Phillips Protocol, a secret mission that can’t be solved for now.

Once you arrive at the mission location, there’s a long dark hallway which leads to a set of stairs that leads to an unfinished basement and the mission ends mysteriously.

The secret bunker inside the Navy Hill observatory belonged to the OSS, the precursor of the CIA which led secret classified operations in Europe and Asia during World War II. The bunker has a replica of the Resolute desk, a gift from Queen Victoria to President Rutherford B. Hayes and there are a few maps of the city dating back to 1945 and 1909.

The G. Phillips Protocol mission has ties to Great Britain as well in the form of the SAS and the SOE, the secret organization that helped lit Europe on fire in the darkest days of the Second World War. For now, there’s nothing to solve or nothing to do except tie the clues together that Great Britain and an intelligence agency alongside two special forces groups have something to do with this very unique mission.

My hope for this very unique mission will lay the groundwork for a massive plot involving the OSS and the CIA. If this mission does tie into America’s most famous intelligence agency, it will tie into the second expansion which takes place in the underground sections of the Pentagon. I will be sure to update this article with the solution if it is found.

If you want to join in the hunt, you can do so if you’re at the endgame or near the endgame when Foggy Bottom can be unlocked.

* * * *

One comment on “The Division 2: The G. Phillips Protocol #1

  1. luccas222 says:

    I have the idea of the G.Protocol is linked with the hunters… they are watching, that’s intelligence gathering. Also they trow granades and “cease to exist” (if you know what I mean). And also… their locked chest is in the white house, not guarded at all. Just there for anyone to see. That means it had to be there from the very beginning, it seems like you no one knows what’s in it neither how to open it, not even how important it is.

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