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Letters from the Front

( Played on Conquest.)

By late April 1941, the Germans had invaded Greece and were advancing deep into Greek territory. After abandoning its defensive positions, the British retreated to Thebes where they erected a last stand against the German spearhead. The Germans encountered slight resistance and entered Athens, followed up by the main invasion force. They captured large amounts of supplies that would be used in their upcoming invasion in Russia and their push into Crete.

In late May, the Germans finally invaded Crete using their Airborne forces. It would be the first time that the Fallschirmjäger were used en masse and would be the first Airborne invasion undertaken in the history of warfare, it would also be the first time that the Allies made great usage of intelligence from decrypted German messages via the breaking of the Enigma machine.

After the German invasion of Crete, the British were evacuated to Egypt to assist in the defense of the Suez Canal and defend North Africa. Although the conquest of Crete was viewed as a victory for the German Airborne, German High Command chose to focus on the immense loss of life instead and decided that the Fallschirmjäger would no longer conduct Airborne operations and would now be employed as an infantry unit. The Battle for Crete did not delay the invasion of the Soviet Union and the British would not set foot on Greek soil until 1944.


After 5 months of being on the market and its future being questioned throughout these last couple of months, Battlefield V has seen a kind of revitalization as its third update, Trial by Fire, is the largest update yet and thanks to Criterion’s efforts with Firestorm, Firestorm has breathed new life into Battlefield V as we now begin to enter a full year since its release.

As of this point, The Tides of War Live Service hasn’t really been all that great as it hasn’t delivered the content that the community has asked for and expects when it comes to World War II era video games but Trial by Fire has turned things around with Firestorm and now the introduction of the first map set in the Mediterranean Theater of the Second World War has arrived in the form of Mercury, based on the real life Operation Mercury or otherwise known as the Battle of Crete. Trial by Fire represents a very big departure in Battlefield V’s history, for the first time since launch, the game is pushed into 1941 which furthers along the game’s promised timeline in which we are being taken across the entirety of the Second World War.

After 6 months of waiting for a new map, DICE has released the Mercury map which is the first of two maps set in Greece, the second being Marita which will arrive in the next Chapter which will be a prequel to the current chapter that we’re on. Mercury is quite a surprise and is the injection that Battlefield V needed after the release of Firestorm and Panzerstorm, the first map to be released post-launch back in December.

Mercury, so far, is a good map and it’s a nice change of pace from the maps that are within Battlefield V. Mercury is a pretty large map in itself and uses its space efficiently as opposed to Panzerstorm and for the first time brings an asymmetrical style of gameplay that hasn’t been seen in Battlefield V. As opposed to Panzerstorm, Mercury is available in Conquest and Breakthrough and these first impressions are on the Conquest game mode since I wanted to experience the full map instead of having the different sections broken up in several sectors in the Breakthrough game mode.

Unlike Panzerstorm and the playstyle that it brought back in December, Mercury is specifically built for combined arms which means that all classes and playstyles are available here. The map has several sections like a small fishing village and a house that infantry can thrive in while armored vehicles can thrive on the outer edges and in the between space between objectives or duke it out in the fishing village that is close to the British spawn. Unlike Panzerstorm, Mercury is for everybody despite if they’re tankers or pilots or just simple infantry.

Mercury is a great map so far, its open and its a nice change of pace of fighting across fields, bridges, iconic European cities like Rotterdam plus the map is a looker too as you can see out to the Aegean and reminds me of Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. Trial by Fire is hopefully the beginning of Battlefield V turning around, Trial by Fire has reinvigorated Battlefield V after months of its future being questioned, the road to redemption has hopefully begun. Stay tuned for my review.

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