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Letters from the Front

In the real world, outside of videogames, tensions have escalated between the United States and China due to the ongoing trade war between the two nations and the price of videogames and consoles can be affected here in the US. GameDaily reported that Office of the United States Trade Representative has proposed implementing a 25% tariff on more goods imported from China, including consoles, controllers, and board games.

This isn’t the first time since we have been affected by Trump’s stance on China. The US’s ongoing trade war against China has affected Nvidia and AMD graphic cards that are manufactured in China and if the new tarrif is implemented then expect the next generation consoles to be about $525 which will make next generation very pricey.

Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony all manufacture their consoles in Chinese plants. If the new tariffs pass then all those parts will be affected and be hit with a 25% tax increase. The current is 10% which is pricey but a 25% increase will be steep which will hurt consumers. We, as consumers, could end paying more for the next generation consoles which will place them at $525 which is a steep asking price for upgrading to the next generation of hardware.

Late last year, Donald Trump first proposed these tariffs but no action was taken until late last month. If these tariffs passes into law then expect a long war to be waged and consumers will be very unhappy as companies don’t take the tariffs into effect but pass it onto the consumers for us to absorb. If the tariffs don’t pass on June 17th, Trump will meet Xi Jinping on June 28th at a summit meeting where the fate of Trump’s tariffs on videogame consoles will most likely be decided. I will keep an eye on this and update the story accordingly on June 17th. What are your thoughts about this, tell me in the comments below

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