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Letters from the Front

The journey beats the destination but in many ways, the destination beats the journey and in this case, it definitely beats the journey. For us, the gamers and for the big dotcoms, E3 is the big one. It is our Christmas, it is our superbowl, it is our Gamescom for America and much more. While, I’m preparing for E3 and ready to head out into the vast unknown, I wanted to check in and give you all the information that you need and what will I be doing during the show.


I’m not quite as excited for this year’s E3 as I usually am. This year seems to be the most conference-lite that E3 has ever seen in its history and hence why I haven’t covered it in detail as in previous years plus I didn’t have much to say about this year’s E3 as I normally would. I’ll be there on the show floor trying out as many games as I can and rushing back to my room and writing up everything that I possibly can, hopefully I’ll get my hands on Modern Warfare’s multiplayer and with Battlefield V’s new map called Marita and see what they have in store for the game as we approach the first year anniversary of Battlefield V.


I see a lot of late nights in my future. As in years past, I will cover E3 beginning with the newly revamped EA Play on Saturday and doing my review that night and hopefully playing some games and getting the chance to write them up. The E3 Schedule is as follows:

EA Play: 10am PT / 1:00pm EST ( June 8th, Saturday.)

Xbox Press Conference: 1:00pm PT / 4:00pm EST ( June 9th, Sunday.)

Bethesda Press Conference: 5:30pm PT / 8:30pm EST ( June 9th, Sunday.)

Ubisoft Press Conference: 1:00pm PT / 4:00pm EST ( June 10th, Monday.)

Nintendo: 9:00am / 12:00pm EST ( June 11th, Tuesday.)

Now, since that has been squared away. I hope to see you there and if you go, please come and say hello! I look forward to sharing this very exciting moment in gaming history with you all.


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