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Letters from the Front

E3 has finally begun.

In line with recent years beginning with 2016, EA has kicked off E3 and usually their press conferences haven’t been the best however, this year, EA has changed the way they do press conferences and has changed the way how they kick off E3.

This year’s showcase was very different as opposed to last year’s and previous years’ combined. It wasn’t as bad as last year’s nor was it as terrible as previous years combined, it was just okay and it was a good step in the right direction although that isn’t saying much. This year’s conference was a great improvement but not by much, it didn’t feel like a conference for investors nor a conference to hold the water down. Let’s get into the recap.

Below, you’ll find everything that EA announced only a short few minutes ago. Stay tuned later this week for my hands on with Battlefield V and othe games.

Battlefield V: Chapter 4 and the Future

Battlefield V received a heafty dose of content at this year’s E3. From new maps, new weapons to a completely new theater of war that forever changed the course of World War II which became a very iconic front in World War II, we’re going to begin with the new maps announced.

The new maps shown off were Marita and Al Sundan, two very distinct maps set in their respective theaters of war: Al Sundan is set somewhere in the Libyan Front during the North African Campaign and Marita is based upon the German invasion of Greece in April of 1941 which took place before the invasion of Crete. Al Sundan is set to release soon and Marita is set to release sometime in July. DICE also revealed the 5v5 mode set to release in August which takes place on two maps set in 1944 and 1942.

In the Fall of 2019, a new theater of war will appear in Battlefield V which will take Battlefield V to new heights and hopefully this new theater of war has the strength to turn the game around. The Pacific will make its debut in Chapter 5 and will launch with 3 maps, one of them being Iwo Jima, the famous island that the Marines assaulted in 1945. It’s not just a new theater as well but also DICE will be raising the max rank to 500 and bringing at long last RSP or otherwise known as Private Games to the game.

I should be getting hands on with all this new content shortly.

Jedi Fallen Order

EA Play 2019 kicked off with a 15 minute gameplay demo of Jedi Fallen Order and it looked pretty solid. We saw the player use Jedi powers to blast things in the environment and kill Stormtroopers. Fallen Order seems to be inspired by Uncharted and other action-adventure games like Lara Croft as you saw Cal Kestis, our protagonist, climb up several walls and wall run amongst other things like swinging from a branch. Right at the end of the demo, we see Cal trying to save a wookie but is ambushed by a KS-2SO where it fades to black.

You can look at the gameplay demo above.

Apex Legends

We also got extensive details on the future of Apex Legends; the future looks quite bright for the game despite the game flatlining a little bit since its surprise launch. Respawn went into extensive detail about its Season 2 Battle Pass, which includes a new weapon, a ranked mode, and lots of new skins and it will be available starting this July.

And that’s really all that I was interested in as EA later showed its sports titles including Madden NFL 20 and FIFA 20. The usual standard for EA.

And that does it for my review. While EA improved their E3 presence, it wasn’t by much which is saying a lot still. Tomorrow, look out for my Xbox and Bethesda E3 conferences and stay tuned for my hands on with Battlefield V and the rest of the games that will be shown at E3. Have a happy E3!

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