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Letters from the Front

EA just wrapped up their day zero E3 press conference titled EA Play; while I did a review and you can check it out here , this will cover the 3 best announcements to come out of their press conference.

EA Play 2019 was vastly superior to EA’s previous conferences in the past since they started EA Play back in 2016; it still felt very scripted but it didn’t feel too investor heavy or a conference meant for their investors which is a major plus; from Battlefield V to Star Wars, here is what they announced.

Battlefield V: Chapter V

Concept Art of the Pacific Theater in Battlefield V. It is assumed that this piece of concept art is set on Guadalcanal, the U.S Marines’ first engagement in the Second World War against the Japanese Empire.

It looks like Battlefield V is about to get its saving grace. Battlefield V has been in tough spot recently with a ton of criticism being aimed at its deception of World War II, Live Service, and a major lack of content that has plagued the game ever since its release. At launch, Battlefield V started off at the beginning of World War II and went its way in a chronological timeline of the war which has now set the game in May 1941 but it seems like DICE is doing away with that concept with the introduction of the Pacific Theater.

The Pacific Theater will launch in Fall 2019 and bring 3 new maps to the game, one of them being Iwo Jima. This expansion pack easily stole the show for me as I’m a huge fan of the Pacific Theater and I want to see Battlefield V get the justice that it deserves.

Battlefield V: Chapter 4 content

Alongside the introduction of the Pacific Theater, DICE showed off the content for the 4th chapter of Tides of War which is slated to release on June 27th with the introduction of Al Sundan, a new map in the North African campaign.

The maps they showed for Chapter 4 seem to be very classic Battlefield games which I’m all for. Al Sundan seems to channel the maps seen in 1942 like El Alamein and Gazala, two classic maps set in North Africa. They also showed off a competitive mode inspired by real life raids on the European coastline during WW2, the competitive mode will bring 2 new maps called Province and Lofoten Islands which is set in Norway in 1941 during Operation Claymore.

Jedi: Fallen Order

The first thing they showed off was Jedi: Fallen Order with an impressive 15 minute gameplay demo that sold me on the game.

The combat in Jedi reminded me a lot of the combat in Sekiro and Dark Souls with how everything seemed precise. We also got to see a lot of force powers that Kal used during this gameplay demo, these powers seem to be flexible and hopefully you will get to upgrade them throughout the course of the game. If I was skeptical before then I’m sold on it now, I’m really interested in how the game will play when it launches this November.

And that does it. EA Play 2019 started off good but it fizzled out at the end as EA focused more on their sports titles and The Sims 4, several games that I necessarily don’t care for. Did you watch this year’s EA Play? What are your thoughts on it? Tell me down below.

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