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Letters from the Front

Like Xbox E3 press conference earlier in the day, the Bethesda E3 conference was just as disappointing or even more so. Bethesda has had a rough go in the past year with the launch of Fallout 76 and the problems that the game created and the decisions they made in 2018 have created a shadow upon them and a shadow on their legacy which you could tell they were trying to repair at this year’s E3.

It started off in a weird way and then it went further downhill from there with a ton of focus on the community at large which felt more of a PR stunt than anything stemming from goodwill and actually caring about the community, as a matter of fact, the whole conference felt more of a PR stunt in order to repair the damage that was done in the wake of Fallout 76.

Meanwhile, not all of it was bad as we recieved some good games and a cute re-imagining of Commander Keen, a game from my childhood. Here are some of the announcements that I found interesting:


Ghostwire Tokyo is the latest game from the studio that brought us The Evil Within and The Evil Within 2. Tango is usually known for their horror games and their take on the horror genre and while Ghostwire has a little bit of horror, Tango stressed that this game is an action-adventure game. The trailer showed people disappearing which reminded me of The Leftovers and skeleton-like demons taking over Tokyo.

The concept is definitely cool and I’ve always wanted to see a game be set in Tokyo and it looks cool. I’ll definitely keep my eye on it.

Commander Keen

One of Bethesda’s and Id’s classic franchises is being revived by Zenimax Online Studios as a mobile game. Commander Keen returns as an iOS and Android game which has a very unique art-style and uses strategy-like gameplay.

While it wasn’t really well-explained and the gameplay also wasn’t well-explained, it does appear to be super cute and approachable controls. As a person who is a fan of Commander Keen, I’m interested in this unique and very cute re-imagining of Commander Keen. It will soft launch this summer on mobile.

Doom: Eternal’s MP

Closer to the end of the press conference, DOOM Eternal got its time in the sun and man, am I excited for this game. ID Software followed up the gameplay section with going deep into DOOM Eternal and showcasing a small little teaser for its multiplayer, you can check it out above.

Doom: Eternal

Last year, Bethesda and ID teased Doom: Eternal and this year, we recieved a more in-depth look at the game.

DOOM 2016 was a revelation. It has become one of this generation’s best shooters and I hope Doom: Eternal does the same and becomes one of the iconic games that we will remember as this generation closes and a new one begins. Eternal takes place on earth and you’ll be headed to not only just Earth but to Heaven as well; it sure does look good. The game releases this November.

And that does it for my review of this year’s Bethesda E3’s conference. Later on today, I’ll be doing my Ubisoft E3 review and be on the lookout for some more E3 articles going up!

2 comments on “#BE3 2019: Review

  1. Ghostwire and Doom looked really good I might even consider getting Doom :p

    1. Physics says:

      Ghostwire looks mighty interesting. Really reminded me of the leftovers.

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