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Letters from the Front

At E3 2019, I received hands on with Gears of War 5, the next big installment in the Gears franchise. Despite its very mature take on combat and everything being so aggressive, the franchise has always been touted and known for its defense modes. Beginning in Gears 2 with the very influential and iconic Horde mode, the franchise has embraced that in many ways with you and your squad holding down the fort as waves of enemies come towards you although Gears 5 brings something new to the table.

Escape is designed to be very aggressive as opposed to Horde Mode or traditional Multiplayer and this aggressiveness is what you’ll experience when you play as three characters in a suicide squad working together to bring down the Swarm, the enemy that was first spotted in Gears 4 and are direct descendants of the Locust.

Once the demo began, it was go time. As we went through the hive, you’ll find different weapons and take down the swarm including humanoid enemies that have been infected as well as flying ones and deebees, the robots that you faced in Gears 4. You play as three different characters and each character has their own abilities; you’re either placed in the boots of Lahni, Keegan, and Mac. I was playing as Lahni who was your standard Assault trooper, Lahni’s ability was an electrical blade that reminded me a lot of Shepard’s blade from the Mass Effect saga.

As we rushed through the hive with the gas cloud hot on our trails that was activated by a venom bomb that one of the characters planted, as we rushed through, we came across a safe room. These safe rooms are very similar to the safe rooms in Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil 2 where it allows you to catch your breath and regroup plus these rooms act as checkpoints, saving your progress through the hive.

After regrouping, we rushed through once again until we encountered a Warden where all of us perished thanks to running out of ammo. Escape seems like a very fun mode and hopefully will become an iconic mode much like Horde was back in 2008, I enjoyed it.

While I wished we saw more of the campaign and the multiplayer side of Gears 5, Escape seems like good fun. You can see my first impressions of the full game coming in early September.

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4 comments on “Hands on: Gears 5’s Escape Mode | E3 2019

  1. Will it have split screen though? That’s the killer question for me.

    1. Physics says:

      Yes, it will have split-screen. Just three player co-op tho, I was playing Escape with three other people on all the same screen. Very hectic stuff.

      1. Split screen is good enough for me. My wife and I like playing shooters together so it’s good to have another with the increasingly rare feature.

      2. Physics says:

        I did wish more games have split-screen. I have a lot of good memories of games that had split-screen like Gears 2 and Halo 2 and 3. I’m kind of disappointed by the 3 player co-op though given that I prefer 4 player co-op.

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