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Letters from the Front

It’s the 1980s and Europe is still under German occupation. You take control of twin sisters Sophia and Jessica Blazkowicz, the daughters of famous Resistance fighters B.J and Anya. They aren’t used to war, killing, and the horrors their parents saw when they liberated the United States from German-occupation in Wolfenstein: The New Colossus.

After the American resistance frees America from German hands, BJ and Anya raise their daughters the best they could and trained them as well, exceptionally trained. When Wolfenstein: Youngblood begins, BJ has taken a secret mission back to Europe where he goes missing and its up to Sophia and Jessica to find their dad and bring him home.

When my demo began which is set on a Zeppelin above France, a cutscene played out where both sisters try and sneak up on a German soldier where they mess up and brutally kill him. The kill removed his head from his body with blood spurting from the slumped over German. One sister violently laughs with the other vomits from the sight of gore and the immense blood spurting from the corpse. After the cutscene wraps, I and a random hopped into the game.

Much like the other two Wolfenstein games in the rebooted franchise, the action remains just as gory and just as satisfying as it was in The New Colossus. We tore through the Zeppelin that we landed on for this mission, mowing down plenty of German soldiers and engaging in tough encounters and as we went about, we stumbled upon several silver coins which allowed us to upgrade our weapons alongside other cosmetic items; this is probably the most customizable Wolfenstein game yet as those silver coins allowed us to not only just upgrade weapons but unlock different colors for our power suits and unlock new helmets which I’m sure will up the replayability value.

The demo went by fast as we engaged in a boss battle which took some time but by the end of the demo, the two sisters bailed out of the Zepplin before landing on the streets of Paris where we took the fight to the Germans through the famous Parisian streets before we reached the Metro in hopes of contacting the French Resistance and that’s where demo ends.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood releases next month, on July 26th, 2019. Stay tuned for my first impressions.

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