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Letters from the Front

DOOM: Eternal is looking quite good.

At Bethesda’s Press Conference, despite all the good games that were shown on stage like Deathloop and Tango Gameworks’ Ghostwire: Tokyo, Doom: Eternal stole the show for me and after the show, I received my hands on with the game.

Once I got my grubby hands on the demo, the game felt like DOOM and played like DOOM but with more resource management and little bit more spice attached to it. The demo began with a small tutorial, giving me a small glimpse into the abilities that the DOOM Slayer has at his disposal and the many mobility options. As a epic Space Marine that kills Demons for a living, he is very agile: He can leap across tall chasms using a double jump, grab and scale certain walls with a wall climb mechanic, and dash forward. After getting used to the controls, the second half of the demo was all about his abilities and combat.

After a lengthy tutorial section, I was let loose and I had a great time. The combat, the movement, everything came together in true DOOM fashion: demons were all around me, surrounding me from every angle and the tools at my disposal were more than ready to take them on. Each weapon felt great and felt powerful, every shot from the shotgun was epic and it was really nice to see a Demon’s head ripped from his body and a body explode from the force of a missile that hit his body that was released from my trusty Rocket Launcher. I felt unstoppable and I felt very powerful and it felt good to be this powerful.

I was impressed at how the Demons were a step up from the Demons seen in the DOOM 2016 reboot. They were smarter and attacked me in all kinds of different ways, even adapting to my advances and adapting to the battle; taking their battle strategy up a notch and can change their strategy to kill you in an instant. The new demons in DOOM: Eternal shouldn’t be taken lightly.

After 15 minutes, the demo was finished and my time was up. I left wanting more and I left wanting to consume even more DOOM into my belly and wanting to kill more demons in awesome and epic ways, it kills me that I won’t be able to play again until November. Stay tuned for my first impressions this November when DOOM: Eternal releases on November 22nd.

2 comments on “Hands On: DOOM: Eternal | E3 2019

  1. If there’s one game I’m excited for from E3, it’s Doom!

    1. Physics says:

      DOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. For real, I am so pumped for this game; oh my god, I just wanted to keep playing it. I keep thinking about it now, that’s how you you got something good there.

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