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Letters from the Front

Photo from the Xbox Newswire.

I have glimpsed at the future. I took a time travel machine to 2025 and I love it.

Microsoft’s E3 press conference ended with the reveal of Project Scarlett, Halo: Infinite, the Escape mode for Gears 5, and much more but one thing peaked my interest and it was Project xCloud.

At E3 2019, I went over to the Project xCloud booth to get my hands on and play a little bit of Project xCloud. There was a variety of games running on Project xCloud, one of them being Gears of War. I tried out Gears of War since it was on my mind after seeing the Gears of War 5 CGI trailer at their press conference and I came away super impressed.

I played a good chunk of Gears of War 4 before my time ran up. The lag was unbearable and was a little bit noticeable but everything ran like a charm and I was very impressed, exceeding any notions I had about it and that’s coming from someone who barely read up on what Project xCloud was. Everything was responsive, the audio was crisp-clear, and the visuals was an impressive feat. To have a game like Gears 4 run on something like Project xCloud is very impressive.

What was super apparent in my hands on time with Gears of War was how it was early days for the project and how far it is from being on the market for public consumption. There’s little to no information on some of the key things that somebody would ask if they were interested in Project xCloud like the final price; I expected this as it is still quite early but I was surprised on how little information there is surrounding Project xCloud, especially when Google Stadia is your main rival and competitor when it comes to streaming.

Photo from Digital Trends. E3 2019.

Project xCloud will begin to roll out to testers this Fall. I came away with more questions than answers and also came away more confused than I already was about Project xCloud. These questions remain: what is the final price, how much data will xCloud consume, accessories, interface, and much more; typical questions that someone would normally ask. This could be a game-changer if Microsoft continues to work on this; Project xCloud sounds too good to be true: Take your games on the go, on any device, at any time as long as you have really good internet. Sounds too good to be true but we’ll see.

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