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Letters from the Front

E3 2019 is now over and there’s one thing that I always like about E3 is that it’s full of stupidity with the worst cringe moments ever. Who cares about the wholesome side when you have a side that you can roast and meme for eternity.

I’ve always wanted to do this for a while now and why not start now? I’m rounding my favorite 5 worst moments of E3 2019.

5) Lisa Su doesn’t want your gift

At the end of AMD’s E3 press conference, Geoff Keighly presented Lisa Su with an action figure of herself. Keighly explained that it was an action figure that was handcrafted by members of the AMD community who felt compelled to thank her.

Amid cheers and all around good fun, Lisa laughs and tells Keighly that he might want to take it back with him and later explains that she doesn’t know what to think about having an action figure about herself. Now, that’s a big OOF moment.

4) Shenmue 3 moves over to Epic Store

Donning a big smile, Yu Suzuki stepped on stage and quickly thanked fans via a translator and then played the trailer and exited the stage. But as the trailer came to close, it was revealed that the game would be an exclusive to the Epic Store for one year after being advertised that the game would be on Steam.

Damn, another game is lost to the Epic Store. Fans, naturally, got upset and to make things even worse, everybody who backed the game on Kickstarter would not be refunded. Talk about corporate greed and not caring about the fans that wanted to see the conclusion of this story for the past 100 years or whatever.

3) Bethesda’s thank you to fans and stupid community videos

Talk about secretly caring about your community when in reality, you actually don’t care.

Bethesda’s E3 press conference honestly came off as corporate talk trying to cover their hide after launching one of the worst Fallout games in over a decade. It’s obvious that Bethesda was scrambling to find a way to appease their fans after that garbage game launched.

Although, Fallout 76 is very deserving of that criticism, this video and the whole press conference but this video, in particular, feels very forced and comes off as PR talk. This was very uncomfortable to watch or to sit through.

2) The Microsoft Press Conference

Is it just me or was the Microsoft Press Conference a little bit disappointing?

Last year’s conference blew everything out of the water. In many respects, E3 2018’s Xbox press conference was the best single moment of E3 2018 and was their best conference in years, it signified strength and confidence after years of beating down the hatches. It showed us that Microsoft was committed to the Xbox brand and we didn’t have none of what made E3 2018 so special.

Microsoft was the only game in town at this year’s E3 and they managed to screw it up. They held back when they shouldn’t have and that’s really disappointing. I really don’t want to say it since it’s been said for almost this entire generation but wait until E3 2020.

1 ) No Gameplay

Is it just me or was the tread at this year’s E3 no gameplay? Games like Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, Gears of War 5, Halo: Infinite ( understandable.) , and more games had no gameplay shown.

We learned a lot about what was releasing in the upcoming year and 2020 but a lot of them didn’t have gameplay to be shown. I was disappointed to know that there wouldn’t be a campaign, multiplayer, or co-op gameplay of Gears 5 to be shown off on the Microsoft stage and had to go over to Mixer just to know what I was getting into before my hands on. This year’s E3 was very underwhelming and disappointing, due in part to no gameplay being shown off for most of the games that I was interested in.

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