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Letters from the Front

Every year, E3 comes and goes and bestowing gifts and blessings upon everyone who either attends or stay at home to watch. Even if this year was not only a bit quieter but very lackluster as compared to other years, especially 2018, there were still a number of great games to be shown.

This list was very difficult to make as there was a lot of games I saw at E3 and each of them was very impressive and won me over. Here are the top 8 favorite games that I saw at E3 2019.

Battlefield V: Chapter 4 and Chapter 5

Concept art of a battle in the Pacific Theater. US Marines conduct an amphibious assault somewhere in the Pacific.

This game has had a long journey from controversy to turning that controversy around and making something out of that. Battlefield V truly started out of the bottom but the next several months will hopefully turn this game around into the WW2 game we wanted from the very beginning.

This fall, the Pacific Theater and the US Marines will enter the game that will hopefully has the potential to truly turn this game around. The Chapter 4 content also looks promising as it brings new maps, new weapons, and much more before the end of the year; the future of the game looks really promising and it’s good to see that DICE is hopefully on their way to turn this game around.

Cat Lady

Created by the developers of The World Next Door, Cat Lady follows the adventures of a young girl in a haunted house as she and her cats fend off a legion of ghosts. Cat Lady is heavily inspired by The Binding of Issac, the classic indie game from 2011, the gameplay itself proves that this small indie game has more going for it then what meets the eye. Definitely look out for this one.

Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order

Jedi Fallen Order didn’t really turn heads at first during EA’s press conference but a gameplay demo turned that around. The gameplay demo showed shades of Uncharted and Force Unleashed. A behind closed doors demo showed a lot more according to reports. Faith has been restored but Jedi Fallen Order has a long way to go if it wants to change around the luck the Star Wars videogame license.

Watch Dogs: Legion

I normally don’t get political on here and I don’t like having politics in videogames because I want to escape from reality and not be reminded of reality every single day but tackling Brexit head on is kind of an interesting premise.

I think anything political is kind of an interesting premise to begin with. Set in an alternate future London in where Brexit has brought mass unemployment, a heavy reliance on automaton, and unrest has taken over London. Watch Dogs: Legion has you in the shoes of multiple dedsec hackers but where Legion differs from the first two games is that you can recruit anybody in the world and play as them so Grand Theft Auto V on steroids. Watch Dogs: Legion is doing something different then anyone else which makes it unique, if it’s truly revolutionary and innovated as Ubisoft is making it out to be we’ll see.

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

As a big fan of Ghost Recon, Tom Clancy, and general stealth games I am a huge fan of Ghost Recon: Breakpoint and what it’s trying to achieve.

I was a huge fan of Wildlands and to see the general openness of Wildlands make a return makes me excited. I can’t see more of the game in general, stay tuned for my hands on with the beta coming this Fall.

The Outerworlds

The Outerworlds is what Bethesda fears and is one of the best RPG’s I’ve seen at E3 2019 that wasn’t made by Bethesda and that is a fact. It is Bethesda’s fault that they didn’t want to hire Obsidian to make another Fallout game because if they did make a Fallout game, this would be it. This right here is what the fan wanted all along and that’s saying something.

Developers of Fallout: New Vegas and Alpha Protocol is an old fashioned and a nice ode to classic RPG’s like Fallout 3, New Vegas, and other games of the classic RPG genre. Let’s hope it hits on all the right marks and scares Bethesda out of their pants.

DOOM: Eternal

Like I said in my DOOM: Eternal last week, DOOM: Eternal is basically DOOM’s final form. It is the ultimate version of DOOM, it’s everything that you love from the reboot and upped to 100 and beyond. Movement is faster, combat is crisper, kills are flashier, and this is a smarter DOOM then ever before. I literally cannot wait for this game to come out.

Cyberpunk 2077

The game that takes it all.

After Keanu Reeves appeared on Microsoft’s stage, everyone was chatting about Cyberpunk 2077. We finally got a launch date for this game and more information regarding it as well and from what I can gather and have read online, Cyberpunk 2077 is a masterpiece and the future of RPG’s. Where The Witcher 3 broke ground, Cyberpunk 2077 will break the glass ceiling. Take that, Bethesda.

It just might be the biggest game I’ve have ever seen outside of Halo 3 and other select games, I have not seen game like this and or have seen a game that has garnered so much hype since Halo 3. This will once again be a watershed moment in gaming history, one for the ages.

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