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Letters from the Front

E3 2019 was a very weird year for E3. Sony didn’t show up to this year’s event, EA didn’t show up for the greater good, and it seemed very empty this year which might say something about E3 itself but like always, E3 played a huge role in showing us what we can expect for the reminder of the year and as we head into 2020, a brand new decade. There was something special for everyone here at this year’s show.

This has been a tradition going all the way back to the second year of the blog’s history where I wanted to give unofficial awards to the games that I liked. The way how this works is that I give Game of the Show to two games that I liked, one being my runner-up while the other is the best game that I absolutely saw at E3. This is the 4th edition of Game of the Show, let’s get into it.

DOOM: Eternal – Runner-Up

When I got my hands on with DOOM: Eternal at this year’s E3, I was absolutely blown away and I came away wanting more, craving more of that juicy and intense combat. I walked away feeling great and empowered, empowered to kill more demons. DOOM: Eternal is basically the final form of DOOM thanks to how incredibly fast-paced it is, thanks to new combat maneuvers, new movement system, and much more. Can’t wait to actually play this game fully.

Game of the Show: Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 is my game of the show of E3 2019.

This year’s E3 was very solid. The competition was tough this year as there were a lot of excellent games to look out for at this year’s E3 but its Cyberpunk that steals the show.

Cyberpunk 2077 is less than a year away after almost six years waiting for this game. The long wait is nearly over and from what I read about the game, it sounds very ambitious and impressive. It almost has the air of this will be a watershed moment, a moment in gaming history where everything will change. It will be one of the most impressive games in almost a decade. Can’t wait.

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