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Letters from the Front

2019 is chugging along at a nicely pace. So far, 2019 is shaping to be one of the best gaming years this generation has ever seen. From Metro: Exodus to Apex Legends and beyond, this year is shaping up to be killer.

So far, Apex Legends shook the world as the new king of Battle Royale and Resident Evil 2: Remake is considered to be a landmark for gaming while Metro: Exodus took Metro and expanded it, opening it up to the world instead of the niche fanbase that it usually attracted. We’re just getting started.

Resident Evil 2: Remake

Resident Evil 2: Remake isn’t just a remake, it’s a landmark in gaming. The remake transforms the classic 1998 game into a modern third-person action game, one that’s dripping with atmosphere and immersion without sacrificing what made the original game so iconic.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

We’ve already suffered through the Dark Souls trilogy, Bloodborne, and Demon’s Souls and we must like the torture and the agony that we always return to FromSoftware games ready for more.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is set in the closing days of the Sengoku Period, a brutal period in Japan’s history, marked with death and destruction. You play as a samurai who must find the boy he was protecting, a boy that was royal blood. Definitely give this one a go.

Metro: Exodus

Usually the Metro games had never delivered a runaway hit to elevate to the likes that the franchise has been inspired by but the games have collected a loyal fanbase and two critically-acclaimed games that have made the franchise risen to those levels. Much like The Witcher 3, Metro: Exodus challenged for mainstream acceptance and stepped out into the shadows.

In Metro: Exodus, Artyom, his wife and friends have left the Metro in hopes for a better life above ground on The Aurora that takes them to the territory beyond Moscow. Exodus was and is one of the best games so far in 2019, go out and experience the end of Artyom’s journey, you won’t be disappointed.

The Division 2

The setting of The Division 2 is filled with potential, however, that potential is squandered by the narrative. The narrative might be a letdown but the systems behind The Division 2 are compelling enough for you to drop hundreds and hundreds of hours into the game, The Division 2 is a true sequel in every sense of the word.

Apex: Legends

Apex: Legends surprise-dropped earlier this year to great acclaim and rave reviews, it is the new king of Battle Royale. Apex is a smart shooter that blends in teamwork into the overall Battle Royale, it is a refreshing take on Battle Royale. Apex is a worthy addition to the genre, Apex is the future of the Battle Royale genre.

A Plague Tale: Innocence

If Game of the Year was a thing right now, A Plague Tale: Innocence would be my Game of the Year. It is an excellent game, one that doesn’t come so often.

A Plague Tale begins before the Plague outbreak in France, France is at war with England in the Hundred Years’ War and the Inquisition is in search of a boy named Hugo who has a mysterious illness. While the Plague Tale isn’t a historical re-telling, it is an interesting game that blends historical facts from the Middle Ages and weaves it into supernatural elements and blends it into something coherent. This one has some serious potential to win Game of the Year, go play this and give it a shot.

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