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Letters from the Front

Last year at E3 2018, Phil Spencer at the end of the XboxE3 2018 conference, said that the company was working on new consoles for the next generation. At E3 this year, he revealed one piece of hardware and now the path forwards is more clear.

One of these new consoles was Project Lockhart. Project Lockhart was the budget-friendly version of Scarlett and it was the successor to the Xbox One S. The purpose of Lockhart was to make it easier to join the Xbox ecosystem with a console that was lower priced than its bigger brother, Anaconda, which is now revealed to be Scarlett and now Lockhart seems to be shelved and the roadmap seems changed from what was originally leaked in the Summer of 2018.

According to Brad Sams of Thurrot, Project Lockhart was removed from the roadmap due to developers having a hard time creating games for next-generation that spanned two systems. As you might imagine, developers were putting a focus on Lockhart then scaling up to Anaconda.

Keep in mind, it’s easier to scale up then scale down and that would have created a disadvantage. However, that may not have been the only reasons for the system to being shelved. Project xCloud and its objective to bring high quality, low-latency streaming to any device may have halted Lockhart as Lockhart became more of an obstacle.

My take:

It makes a lot of sense for Project Lockhart to be canned, especially from a marketing standpoint. Two consoles would confuse the general public and would make Xbox’s marketing confusing. Microsoft made the right choice here.

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