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Letters from the Front

Since launching in March, The Division 2 has received a variety of smaller updates that brought a few new pieces of content, including the first raid, but now the first proper piece of content has released. D.C Outskirts: Expeditions takes Division agents outside of Washington D.C to explore the outskirts of the city as agents try to find the President of the United States and the leader of the Outcasts faction.

D.C Outskirts: Expeditions brings two new missions and two classified assignments that can be undertaken at NSA Site B13 and the Washington National Aquarium , including a trip to the DC Zoo and a brand new experience titled Expeditions, which confronts Division agents with co-operative challenges to take on every week as Agents progress through the different wings of the Kenley College. Here is my first impressions of the new expansion.

We begin with the Expeditions side of the Expansion. We enter Kenly College, a prestigious fictional college that is near Camp White Oak, a recreational camp that was once the home of the largest chapter of the BSA and it is close to the Smithsonian National Zoo which is now home to the leader of the Outcasts faction. We enter Kenly College, where contact with a US Army truck filled with supplies has gone missing and we must find and rescue any missing US Army soldiers that gone missing when the truck was raided, these expeditions are split in three different wings. Each wing of the college has a specific theme and tone, to be released on a weekly basis. If you completed all three wings then you’ll get access to a room full of supplies and goodies to take back to Washington D.C.

This week’s expedition is set in Kenly College’s library and kicks off the investigation into the missing US Army truck that is nearby. The expeditions are puzzle-centric that will ask more of you. However, this first expedition, isn’t very puzzle-focused. It begins with you activating an ECHO and digging through the ECHO in what is called an investigation, think of Arkham Origins’ Detective Mode scrub thingie that tell you what part of the Library you have to head too. You head around the library, getting into shootouts, solving simple puzzles which I hope will get more complicated in these next several weeks, and collecting Audio Diaries that are more in tune with the first Division game’s rendition of these Audio Diaries, telling the stories of students within the college before the collapse of American society.

On top of accessing new content, D.C Expeditions: Outskirts gives you access to three brand new weapons, the Diamondback Rifle, the Carbine 7, and the Stoner LMG. There’s a lot to access here and sink your teeth into. As a sign of what is to come, it is encouraging and promising. Stay tuned for my review.

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