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Letters from the Front

The year is 2014 and the game that’s about to release is Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Back then, as was customary, me and my friends went to the midnight launch at the local Gamestop to buy the game. Unfortunately, after years of being a fan of the franchise since the original game released in 2003, it wasn’t even worth it. I wasn’t a fan of futuristic games, I wasn’t a fan of what Advanced Warfare was trying to achieve so I just didn’t play it and I went to Gamestop the next day to sell it.

Skip forward to 2017 and the release of Sledgehammer’s next game is right around the corner which is a WW2 title after months of leaks and rumors, the leaks and rumors turn out to be right and I tune into the reveal where they promise a historical accurate game, a game dealing with authenticity and the hard-hitting truth that was the Second World War, a game returning to the roots of Call of Duty but that was just a marketing ploy to try and get back the original fan’s trust. The game doesn’t do any of that and ends up just being another WW2 game which is uneventful and forgettable so I just stop playing it and I sold it again. I was done with Call of Duty, they butchered World War II and they butchered the principals and ideals that was set up prior to Advanced Warfare.

Skip to 2019 and after watching the reveal trailer of Modern Warfare 2019 and the multiplayer reveal that happened yesterday, I’m cautiously optimistic and weary of the game but I’m all for it and I’m ready to dive in back into this world seeing as Battlefield V failed to give me the WW2 experience that I desperately wanted for almost a decade since World at War released. I’m confident that it will be worth it as long as there are certain rules that need to be met.

Call of Duty is returning to what it does best: Modern Warfare. After years of gimmicky, microtranscation-filled, repetitive, and boring annual releases that exhausted me and exhausted any excitement, the franchise is ready to go back to the golden days of Call of Duty and release a title that is reminiscent of what many players like myself all the way back in 2003 fell in love with back in the day. Not only are they bringing back the most iconic Call of Duty franchise in gaming history but Infinity Ward is back as well, it honestly feels like a great band is returning and getting back together after years of doing their own thing and believe me, Modern Warfare could possibly be the best Call of Duty in years and could return the franchise to the gold standard of multiplayer gaming.

Modern Warfare is a complete reboot and re-imagining of the original Modern Warfare trilogy that began in 2007. Modern Warfare is more grounded in reality, more realistic, more military-like set in the present with headlines directly ripped from the headlines so expect a darker, more adult-oriented, gruesome war story that deals with how warfare is fought in the 21st century. Instead of a conflict in the Middle East that spirals into a World War that begins with the invasion of America by the Russians, Modern Warfare’s narrative is presented as if it’s taking place now in the present.

Not only that but we’ll be presented with choices that Tier 1 Operators like Navy SEALs or British SAS commandos have to deal with in classified operations. For example, one mission has you playing as a SAS operator who must breach into a townhouse somewhere in London where you must make hard decisions or stepping into the shoes of a small child trying to avoid Russian forces in a village somewhere in Afghanistan. It will be an authentic and genuine military experience, one that replicates actual Tier 1 operations and actual military operations. It’s exciting to see where this leads and the conclusion of what could be the return of Call of Duty.

It’s a promising game that deals with the gritty nature of war and the technology that is behind this new Call of Duty promise an immersive and authentic experience, one that hasn’t been seen in a while. The new graphics engine that is powering Modern Warfare, its authentic and immersive experience promises a return of Call of Duty and promises a game that returns us to actual conflict. I couldn’t be happier to return to the franchise as long as it fixes certain things and does certain things.

Hopefully, Modern Warfare is a step in the right direction and marks the beginning of a new era for Call of Duty and hopefully sets the bar for military shooters and FPS games as it was successfully done so well all those years ago. Infinity Ward as a big chance here to change the franchise and break the cycle that began with Call of Duty: Ghosts.

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