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Letters from the Front

They have been big competitors since 2003, reaching the peak of their competition in 2011 with the arrival of two of the most hyped military shooters of the generation, Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3. Ever since then, the competition has died down as Call of Duty went into a spiral and Battlefield just only went up and up until the arrival and release of Battlefield V.

Last year was not a great year for Battlefield. Multiple controversies, multiple developers leaving EA DICE, devastating glassdoor reviews that paint the studio in a very bad light, one that values politics more than competence, and much more. It is not looking good for EA DICE, much less so for Battlefield V as the game is hurling towards one of its biggest updates, an update that will make or break the game for many.

On Thursday, we got the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Multiplayer reveal and frankly, there’s a lot there that should have EA DICE and EA sweating. It is not looking good for Battlefield V. So, in today’s article, let’s take a look at 4 reasons why Modern Warfare has Battlefield V in the hot seat.

No Political Correct Stuff, no Social Justice Narrative

Activision is tossing out all Politically-Correct stuff out the window for Modern Warfare. EA and Battlefield V has been criticized for this and their deception of the Second World War: Battlefield V is a cleaned up version of WW2, there’s women fighting in the British and German Armies, EA DICE devs backhanded the community over the course of 2018 and insisting they were right when a certain section of the community were concerned with their deception of WW2, a DICE developer said he was on the right side of history, and much more happened which suggested that all of this was for a political agenda and not giving us the WW2 game that we expected for almost 16 years, and this line of thinking has been confirmed by the glassdoor reviews which paint the studio as a studio that cares more about politics then creating a game. Battlefield V is PG, censored, doesn’t feel believable, doesn’t throw you into WW2 but throws you into something that resembles WW2, and much more which has angered the community and many have left the game.

Compare that to Modern Warfare. Infinity Ward and Activision have marketed the reboot of the Modern Warfare trilogy as a genuine military shooter: a realistic, gritty, dark, authentic look at how warfare is changing in the 21st century. Modern Warfare’s campaign will force you to make hard decisions, will wrestle with your emotions, there’s a lot of stuff in the campaign that is very anti PC and will make everyone uncomfortable: You can shoot women, violence against unharmed civilians, gas attacks, and much more that signifies that the campaign is not pulling any punches and offers a good look at warfare in the 21st century; many people have already conflicted feelings about it’s campaign. It’s going to get ugly and ugly isn’t a word you can use for Battlefield V.

100 Player Ground War

Ground War was first seen in the original Modern Warfare game in 2007, however it’s most iconic deception is in the sequel, Modern Warfare 2, has Infinity Ward greatly expanded it to offer a full scale version of warfare that was never before seen in Call of Duty multiplayer and ever since then, the mode has been a staple of Call of Duty multiplayer.

The mode returns in Modern Warfare 2019, however, it’s with a twist: Instead of 18 players, it is now 100 players on a large scale map with the flags having to be captured in order to win. Battlefield V was locked at 32v32, 64 players is something that the franchise is known for, however that was a benchmark long ago. Times have changed, technology has progressed to a point where we are now able to include 100 players in a match.

Ground War featuring 100 players is something that appeals to me and many of the Battlefield V playerbase, for the longest time playercount was Battlefield’s claim to fame and made it stand out but now, not so much. It seems that Call of Duty is aiming right at Battlefield’s head, after-all EA and DICE are on the ground and are wounded after the disastrous launch of Battlefield V and the fallout from the game’s launch. The verdict remains on if Infinity Ward can recreate what makes Battlefield tick: large-scale warfare done right, epic vehicle gameplay, cinematic gameplay, moments that make you believe that you’re there and in the heat of it.

No Season Pass

The Season Pass model was introduced in Black Ops II which gave you access to 4 map packs and continued from there, all the way to Call of Duty: WW2 and was renamed for Black Ops IV as the Black Ops pass.

Ever since then, it has been an issue for the franchise: fragmenting the playerbase and DLC lobbies not getting as much players as base game lobbies. However, with Modern Warfare, there is no Season Pass or something resembling the Black Ops Season Pass. The last couple games have been filled to the brim with microtranscations, P2W items, lootboxes that contain weapons and all of that is just on top of the Season Pass and what you have is a game that is absolutely ridiculous. However, we need more information on the game’s post-launch plans and MTX.

Battlefield V has tried this with Tides of War, offering new content like outfits, weapons, characters, maps all for free but it hasn’t gone the way EA DICE imagined it would go. The Tides of War system is absolutely atrocious with dates being missed, maps being delayed, dripfeeding content out on a snail’s pace, and much more that has hampered the game. Let’s see if Infinity Ward can do much better although I am very apprehensive about it, given that this is Infinity Ward’s first shot at a Live Service and how will they monetize the game: Will it be abusive as it has been in the last couple games or will it go the Battlefield V route?


Finally, there’s the topic on crossplay.

Crossplay has been a huge thing in the last couple of years; Crossplay has always been the pipedream for us gamers. Crossplay has been achieved only on a few select games like Fortnite but it has always been thwarted by the war, companies, greed, or other issues. Somehow, Modern Warfare will offer Crossplay at launch and will give us the opportunity to all play together. Crossplay in Modern Warfare is true Crossplay.

Crossplay is really important because it gives Infinity Ward the ability to pool the playerbase into a specific mode just in case it isn’t populated as much as the other modes. This has been an issue for Battlefield V, gamemodes have been removed or on a rotation since the gamemodes in question aren’t well-populated and Firestorm Duos have been removed, thanks to a low playerbase. If Battlefield V launched with crossplay, it wouldn’t be an issue. By opening matchmaking for all platforms, it would be much easier to find games in remote places across the world or even in Australia where Australian players are having a hard time finding matches in Battlefield V.

Stay tuned for my beta impressions next month. What are your thoughts on Modern Warfare and should Battlefield V be very scared of Call of Duty this year, share your thoughts down below.

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