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Letters from the Front

Modern Warfare is a big problem for Battlefield V and the franchise as a whole.

It’s fair to say that Battlefield has had a bit of rough go recently with the launch of Battlefield V and the game’s post-launch plans and I don’t say that with ease, Battlefield V has damaged the Battlefield franchise in ways that the franchise can’t come back from unless they pull off some magic in order to save the game and the franchise. From bugs to political correctness to delayed content and much more, Battlefield V is in big trouble as it heads into the biggest update that the game will see which is the Pacific Theater.

The Pacific Theater holds all the cards for EA DICE. If the game’s biggest update doesn’t pan out for the game then all hope has been lost for Battlefield V; EA DICE knows what needs to be done in order to turn the game around. I really hope that the next several months will prove to be a success for Battlefield V and will turn the game around; if Battlefront II did it then so can Battlefield V.

Last week, however, we got to see Modern Warfare’s multiplayer reveal livestream and the multiplayer has a lot of good things attached to it that threatens Battlefield V and the Battlefield franchise. Both franchises have always been competitors but historically speaking, both franchises have offered very different styles of gaming: At the beginning, both franchises were very similar to each other with wide open maps and player controlled vehicles as seen in Call of Duty: United Offensive but things started to change with the arrival of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Modern Warfare now changed Call of Duty’s multiplayer to one of small-scale battles and no player controlled vehicles while Battlefield’s multiplayer always remained the same. However, things are changing now.

The direction of Battlefield V’s game modes have gone more Bad Company styled where it’s small and very focused on kills while Modern Warfare’s Ground War mode and other modes like a 32v32 mode and a 20v20 mode is aiming to change Call of Duty’s multiplayer back to the original games and changing the way how the franchise plays. Ground War ups the player-count to 100 which will be attractive to Battlefield players and attractive to the Battlefield V playerbase and frankly, when you compare both side by side, Battlefield’s iconic 64 player battles don’t seem as impressive or don’t seem as revolutionary as previously thought. Is this a real problem for Battlefield V and Battlefield as a whole? Let’s take a look.

Whatever comes next for the Battlefield franchise, it must be set in the modern era or somewhere in the Cold War like Vietnam. Battlefield does modern warfare right. I think now that we’ve been to The Great War and World War II ( if you can call it that.) , Battlefield needs to head back to either the Modern Day or Vietnam. People are yearning for modern day weapons again, helicopters, AC-130s, ATVs, and much more that comes with the modern day setting and right now, we have no idea when the next game in the Battlefield franchise will release given how Battlefield V has been doing.

I highly doubt we’re going to be seeing the next Battlefield game in 2020 given the state of Battlefield V and the work that it needs to be done on the game. Battlefield needs a longer development time, these games are too big for a 2 year development cycle. A development cycle of 3 to 4 years will help Battlefield return from the low point that it’s currently sitting in right now with Battlefield V, the franchise needs a time off for a bit as EA and DICE work on Battlefield V and give it the proper love it needs while working on the next game and maybe even a new engine. We all know Frostbite’s reputation as one of the industry’s best engines when it comes to graphical fidelity or audio but there are numerous reports out there that state that Frostbite is a pain to work with and perhaps that’s why Battlefield V has had a lot of issues in these recent months. The developers of Anthem have expressed their issues with Frostbite and many other developers within EA have expressed their issues. Perhaps, it is time to move on from Frostbite and push Battlefield into a new era with a new engine.

The same goes for the player-count. When you take a step back and learn that Battlefield has been having 64 player battles since 2002 and not once over the course of 17 years, have DICE pushed the player count higher, you begin to question why that it is. Perhaps, Frostbite when built in 2008 had 64 players in mind and that was it and each attempt to push the playercount higher has been met with issues; however, when Call of Duty has a new engine and seemingly can pull off 100 players without a single issue, you begin to wonder why the competition hasn’t done it and it is a shock that Call of Duty has 100 players before Battlefield has. This is Battlefield, a franchise known for large scale warfare. The next Battlefield will have to up the playercount and innovate on a larger scale than ever before, so perhaps a new engine needs to built for Battlefield.

The Battlefield franchise is weakened, thanks to Battlefield V and the fallout from the game’s launch. Battlefield can’t defend itself from Modern Warfare with it’s current game, EA and DICE needs to be hunkering down and pushing out expansion after expansion that gives us WW2 and try to repair Battlefield V to their best of their ability before they move on to a new game. Things need to change here. DICE needs to fix BFV and return the franchise to either modern day or something close to today like Vietnam or the Gulf War; something needs to change here if Battlefield doesn’t want Call of Duty to eat it’s lunch. A longer development time, a new engine, innovation on a large scale is just only the beginning. Don’t let Battlefield V be the death of the franchise.

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