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Letters from the Front

It’s really hard to swallow what EA has become in the recent years after Medal of Honor and Dead Space was shelved 6 years ago. During the 2000’s and early 2010’s, EA was at the top of their game with developing games that pushed the medium forward and created iconic games that would last forever. EA took risks and was successful because of it then things started to change for the worse.

They’re now a joke with EA becoming a poster boy for greed and controversies like closing studios, ruining great franchises, canceling their games, the Star Wars: Battlefront II controversy, the Battlefield V outrage, Anthem’s launch and much more. It’s all pretty laughable but sad at the same time, considering how they were really at the top of their game in the early days of the 2000’s and 2010’s creating games that they didn’t just want to play but we wanted to play as well. Over the course of time, EA has ruined a lot of franchises but they could bring back some classics in order to save face and bring some well-deserved praise back. Not everything is about money.

Def Jam

I love the Def Jam franchise. The last game released in 2007 and was one of the games that made 2007 so iconic; it didn’t receive good reviews and that is the reason why it died off but I would be happy to see another one, re-imagined for the modern day with today’s rappers.

Def Jam: Icon brought 29 real life rappers who were signed to Def Jam at the time, as well as some original characters. Method Man, E-40, Ghostface Killa, Sean Paul, T.I and much more were available to play as. As a big fan of hip-hop and rap, I would pay serious money to see today’s rappers like G-Eazy, Future, J.Cole, Drake, Bas, and much more come together and fight each other to the death.

Dead Space

The third title in the series released six years ago to meddling reviews and was a far cry from the first two games that made the franchise so iconic. EA has to bring it back and one way or another.

In one format I would like to see it return is in the form of a reboot, much like Modern Warfare. Reboot the entire franchise and return it to the first two games, up the tension and up the horror. Ever since P.T and Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil 2: Remake, horror has been on the resurgence and there’s no better time for the franchise to return.

Fight Night

It’s been a decade since the last Fight Night released, that’s approximately 2828 days since Fight Night: Champions released and it’s too good to let go. A new boxing game would go a long way with boxing fans and it would be great if the franchise could return.


NCAA was a College Football game that was developed by EA Sports alongside the mainstay Madden franchise, the series was designed as a younger brother to Madden and it garnered a lot of fans, including myself as I am a huge sports fan and particularly love NCAA football, especially now that the NFL is way too politicized.

The final installment in the series released in July 2013 with NCAA Football ’14. It has been six years since the release and there has been some talk about rebooting the franchise or bringing it back in 2020 for the next generation of hardware. I hope EA has interest in bringing it back because I seriously don’t want to play Madden to get my football itch.

Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor is one of those franchises that is dear and near to my heart. I grew up in the early 2000’s playing Medal of Honor, the early Battlefield games, and the original Call of Duty games before Modern Warfare in 2007. Medal of Honor was one of those games that I always rushed from school to play and it really made me sad to see it go in 2013 when it was shelved after Warfighter’s poor performance.

Before the emergence of Modern Warfare which propelled Call of Duty to mainstream success after the first two games, there was Medal of Honor. Medal of Honor broke ground with the 1999 classic and broke ground again with 2002’s Allied Assault and Frontline, two classic WW2 games that have influenced modern day shooters and modern day WW2 era games. Now, that Battlefield V might have endangered the franchise and Battlefield V isn’t the WW2 game that none of us expected, it is the perfect time for Medal of Honor to return and return us to WW2.

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