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Letters from the Front

Over the past few years, sequel rumors and speculations concerning one of Rockstar’s most iconic games, Bully, have come and gone. However, rumors and speculations have returned to the forefront thanks to Bully Youtuber SWEGTA via a Rockstar Games Insider.

The insider information comes the way of SWEGTA, a Bully-centric Youtuber. The insider states that Bully II is indeed real and is releasing next Holiday, just in time for the new console generation and will be Rockstar’s next big release after Red Dead Redemption II which would be two years old at that point in time.

Naturally, all of this should be taken with a big ounce of salt but here are some noteworthy facts. This insider information lines up and corroborates what Yan2295, a former Rockstar Games leaker and insider, said back before the release of Red Dead Redemption II that Bully II would be the next big game from Rockstar.

If all of this is accurate then expect Bully II to be teased later this year for a Fall 2020 release date. There has been rumors going around that Bully II would be unveiled next month but all of that are just rumors but it’s starting to line up so time will tell.

Before we go, I would like to sit down and talk about a potential Bully II in today’s world. It would be interesting to see how Bully II is received in this very sensitive climate, when the original Bully released, it released in a time that wasn’t so sensitive or politically-correct so it would be interesting to see how they tackle Bully in this new era and very politically-charged climate.In today’s politically-charged climate, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some unsavory articles about it or negative attention right off the bat because of the title as it very much did when the original game came out but it would be very interesting to see a Rockstar game set in today’s present era. Let me know down below what you think of a Bully II and you can catch SWEGTA’s video and Yan2295’s statement, down below.

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