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Letters from the Front

Woah, I was going to get around to this sooner but I was so busy within my own personal life and with the blog that I never got around to it so here we are, let’s get into it.

I’ve never hidden the fact that I never wanted to stop writing. I began in College, writing History papers about Napoleon and World War II and from there, I had a little idea and that little idea led to this epic journey after IGN closed their blogging site down and I wanted to take what I started somewhere else and that’s when I discovered WordPress and once again, I picked up at the latest save point and loaded in.

It really feels like I started writing on my website yesterday. I started writing about games because I love them and love connecting with people over them; games have brought so many amazing people into my life, if it wasn’t for Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4 then I wouldn’t have met several people in real life or form a great friendship. The fact that I get to play them and write about them and share them here is a great honor and something that I’m very grateful for. Between that and all the interactions I’ve been able to have, it is what keeps me going to push out daily content throughout the weekday before taking a break during the weekends.

I hope I improved throughout the course of 4 years since I began the site. I’m shaking my head as I never really thought the website would turn out to be such an influential part of my life and the people here would have such an impact on my daily life so thank you.

I’ll keep going. Thank you for all your support over these last 4 years; I really mean it. Thank you. It fills my heart with such great gratitude.

PS: I hate self promotion and I loathe asking for favors and asking for help, but if you feel so inclined and want to share this page or give me a follow over on Twitter ( Something that I should use more of, I’m always on my personal.Website’s twitter handle is:@/overpoweredaf) , that would be great. You can also follow the site directly via email and I started a Patreon a while back, I’ll leave it beneath the final paragraph. The Patreon is completely optional and it isn’t required whatsoever, any and all support would be appreciated.

Thank you. Much love.<3

Link to Patreon: here

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