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Letters from the Front

I hate awkward conversations.

Conversations are the beginnings of any relationship. They’re the foundation of starting something new. Starting on the wrong foot or falling into a conversation that happens to be awkward can really hamper the chances of building something new and sabotage your chances. I’m not really socially awkward to begin with, I’m quite confident or starting to be confident but I have a fear of speaking out in public and small talk. I hate it.

I hate small talk. Absolutely hate it.

Here’s how I experience small talk which is very awkward to begin with. The minute the conversation begins and it goes nowhere, I just want to run far away the longer the conversation begins. It doesn’t take long, however, for me to break it off with a witty remark or a sly remark or something interesting that’s better then small talk.

Small talk precedes normal conversations. It’s natural. When you meet someone, you’ll usually begin with small talk and feeling them out before you find something else to talk about, which is natural. It shows that you want to get warmed up and get comfortable before delving into hobbies and similar interests so you can’t really escape small talk as you’re cutting yourself away from social interactions and potential relationships or friendships. So, it’s better to engage in small talk before breaking the ice with something witty or something funny which is what I usually do.

Thank you to Normal Happenings for tagging me in this wonderful challenge! I would love to insert myself more into the community and participate in community challenges to break the serious notion that the blog has. If you want to participate in the challenge then you click here

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