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Letters from the Front

Battlefield V hasn’t embodied the best of the Battlefield franchise. From a staggered release to identity politics to revisionist history to a complete destruction of the setting to huge controversies like corporate comments all have taken a huge toll on not only the game but the franchise itself and the community that have sticked through the game’s problems. Post-launch content also have taken its toll on the community and has extremely tempered any excitement for the future of the game.

Admittedly, Battlefield V is at a bad place right now and there’s a lot of doubt that the game will make the comeback that it needs. Promised content was delayed, promised features were cut, bugs have crippled the game, things are not looking too well for the future of the game. At some point, there has to be a saving grace and the question needs to be asked has Battlefield V finally hit rock bottom? I’m hopeful but I wouldn’t be surprised if the game ultimately burns into a fiery grave.

For the first time ever, Battlefield V has harmed the franchise and has harmed the future of the franchise and it has hit new franchise lows when it comes to post-launch support like map count and communication between the developer and the community, for example; last week, the roadmap of Chapter 4: Defying the Odds was completely wrong as we were promised new vehicles and gadgets but that isn’t happening due to a miscommunication between DICE and their marketing team. Unfortunately, this is a mistake but it’s in a long line of mistakes that has harmed the game and harmed the community on top of cutting a competitive mode that was promised for Chapter 4. This competitive mode had its roots in Incursions, a Battlefield 1 competitive experience that arrived too late. It was cut to make the base game of Battlefield V better which is nothing wrong as more hands would be on deck but it’s sending a boatload of questions to the community that makes DICE look very incompetent when it comes to this particular game. After 16 years of developing Battlefield titles and delivering hit after hit, what is going on over at DICE Stockholm that makes them appear so incompetent and useless when it comes to Battlefield V?

From cutting content like the competitive mode to missing features like vehicle customization to combating hackers on Asian servers seems to be a challenge for DICE. DICE has said that they’re indeed working to improve anti-cheat but so far, nothing has been done on that front. On top of this, it appears that DICE is losing a lot of developers and the worst thing is that politics has entered the picture at DICE which changes everything which tells us that DICE developers care more about politics then making a good videogame. The Glassdoor reviews paint a very serious picture that doesn’t paint DICE in a good light and paints a picture that Battlefield V was a product of politics and ineptitude. If DICE wants to change Battlefield V then they’re going to have to win a uphill battle that involves pushing the game into the sun and have its day in the sun. All of the delays, cancellations, the development time, the concerns, the controversies has left the community absolutely stunned, baffled, and clearly upset.

In an open letter to the community, Ryan MacArthur promises bug fixes, stability, content, and better communication. However, words are just words and action is truly needed to make a miracle happen. I’ve been a Battlefield fan since 1942 and I have never experienced a game like this where the fan morale is this low and where a company like DICE who started out with WW2 betray everything the franchise stood for for some political points which in turn not only hurt the franchise going into the long-run but has absolutely tanked their reputation. I hope we have reached the end of this tunnel and the buildup to the surface begins by taking action and by doing the right thing. It’s going to take serious effort to turn this game around.

I believe it can turn around due to past history. Battlefront II killed itself over questionable lootboxes which were P2W and were tied to progression, DICE removed the lootboxes 24 hours later and it took a handful of months to rebuild the progression, however, it was too late and the game had missed the mark. Much like Battlefield V, Battlefront II had its fair share of bugs and unfortunate patches and low map counts, thanks to the live service but in time, it rose from the ashes and now it’s thriving and healthy and an actual good game. It remains if the same thing can happen with Battlefield V.

If Battlefield V can indeed raise itself from the ashes and from the fiery hell that it faces then it all begins with the Pacific Theater and Operation Underground. DICE needs to nail the release of the Pacific and continue updating the front with new and iconic battlegrounds and head into 2020 with a W under their belt; failure to do so will absolutely harm the game even more and kill the remaining playerbase if Modern Warfare doesn’t steal them away. How DICE handles Battlefield V’s failure is one for the history books as it will set a precedent for the future of the franchise and for the game immediately after Battlefield V; DICE has a certain pedigree in which they delivered some of the most groundbreaking and iconic games in the medium and they need to get back to that. Battlefield V has already tanked their reputation and tanked their once stellar record, don’t let it be the death of you.

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