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Letters from the Front

Right before the trailer of Chapter 4: Defying the Odds and the EA Play conference, DICE had just entered their stride with Battlefield V. Chapter III was a good and refreshing take on Battlefield V and is what the game needed, it was a nice fresh of air for a game that was struggling. That changed when Chapter IV arrived.

The first patch of Chapter IV arrived and everything took a step back towards the very beginning. Massive bugs were introduced, content was delayed in the form of Al Sundan, and performance was absolutely in the garbage can. What was originally looked at to be another fresh breathe of air for the game, Chapter IV was originally going to be another W but that didn’t pan out. It turned into a nightmare for the development team and for the community and from there, it was a downward spiral that culminated in the cancellation of the competitive mode and the delay of the new patch which would bring two new maps and a much-needed rank increase. Chapter IV has ended up harming the game even more.

On August 30th, DICE General Manager Oskar Gabrielson released an apology for Chapter IV. The statement doesn’t offer much detail but it does reinforce the fact that DICE is sticking with this game and trying to make Battlefield V the best work that they’re able to do. Personally, hearing the commitment does nothing for me but hearing the commitment to try to fix the game and bring it up to speed gives me confidence that DICE isn’t just trying to let the game die and this apology being just PR speak, DICE is probably serious about getting the game back on track before focusing on the next installment and that is good news for anybody who is still interested in the game. However, this apology is coming at a time when the community is down and out and the future of the game looks really bleak and to be fair, the apology is for what has occurred with Chapter 4 and not the whole game. I’ve simply had enough with Battlefield V and thus is the reason why I’m not taking it seriously, I’m not surprised that other people are also not takimg Oskar’s apology seriously. When you’ve become burnt enough then you just stop caring. Battlefield V needs action if I and many other people are willing to go back to the game and give it another shot, action is the only way that Battlefield V will be fixed.

The situation of Battlefield V is the culmination of several factors that have spanned since at least 2016. Battlefield V suddenly didn’t become bad, it’s very likely that Battlefield V was in trouble dating back to the original vision of the game, especially if you take a look at the Glassdoor reviews that paints a very political and mismanaged picture at DICE Sweden. A picture of buddy politics, heavy politics at the studio, a picture that shows incompetence and caring more about social justice and politics more so then creating a game. Unfortunately, for Battlefield V, it has gotten the shit end of the stick thanks to the choices that led to Battlefield ‘s current situation. But what I hope for most of all is that DICE SWEDEN learns from this game and goes back to making great games that push the boundaries of what military shooters can do and learn that not everybody likes politics or wants politics in their game, all they want is just to return to a setting that their favorite franchise hasn’t done in nearly 16 years; a setting that’s very iconic and very epic. A setting where you can really do anything you want just as long as you do it the correct way and not in a way that disrespects or dishonors the source material. This isn’t the first time that something has happened like this to the Battlefield franchise but it is the first time where things have gotten so out of hand that it could possibly harm the franchise, harm the next game, and harm the franchise going forward.

In the case of Battlefield V, it’s clear to see that it not only had a lack of development time but it’s a product of things that are happening behind the curtains of DICE Sweden, one that doesn’t look all too good. I also think DICE should learn a thing or two about over promising a wealth of content, promising features and maybe learn a thing or two about false advertising and not to do it. At the reveal, we were told a handful of things that never really arrived and the scope of the game seemed huge, a true WW2 shooter in the way it should’ve been done but we never got that. Case in point for that is the handful of features that were cut and Combined Arms, originally pitched as something grand and something done on an epic scale, that never arrived and we got whatever it ended up being which paled in comparison to what was promised.

After Battlefront II, the community and the Battlefield fanbase and those who like DICE games didn’t really need the disappointment of Battlefield V and what it ended up being. The community who has played your games ever since the beginning are now annoyed by what’s going on with this game and what has happened, it will be really hard to get people like me back on track and allow us to forgive them for whatever has happened. The core community and the hardcore players doesn’t forget and they’ll be incredibly vocal if something is wrong and so far, they have been vocal as they were subjected to a horrible release, horrible marketing, a game that was supposed to be WW2 but it really isn’t, and a very poor live service. It will be very hard for DICE to get another chance.

Like many people in the community, I really want the apology to actually come true and for it to be DICE’s action to bringing the game back on track and get it going. At this point in the game, actions speak louder then words, and now I’m expecting that Battlefield V is heading towards an acceptable state and a game that truly takes in account my dreams for a WW2 game to the best of DICE’s ability. I want it to be awesome, I want it to be authentic, I want it to historically accurate, I want it to be filled with immersion and dripping with atmosphere, I want to be taken into a conflict and feel like I was there as in Battlefield 1. I want the game to be the type of game that we have been expecting for the past 16 years or to the best of the ability DICE can revert it back too, Battlefront II is a testament to Oskar Gabrielson’s apology statement for Battlefield V. Battlefront II is a game that has now become worthy of the DICE name and is now at the standard of quality that we expect from DICE themselves so now Battlefield V needs to be the same, it is absolutely disgraceful that we have to be treated in this way. It isn’t really fair to watch a game that has potential sink to the bottom of the ocean because you failed at delivering an experience that people have been waiting for nearly 16 years now, it really isn’t fair to have games that are extremely buggy and we should’ve deal with broken promises and changes of direction that makes it seem like you’re incompetent. Boil it down to the clear picture and you get a stunning revelation that we play videogames for fun, we don’t want politics in our games, we don’t want to deal with horrible decision making and buggy messes, we don’t want to deal with company statements that mock us, and much more. We play videogames to have fun and DICE’s current games are not fun. I hope they go back to making fun videogames and make Battlefield V as much fun as they possibly can before the next game in the series.

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