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Letters from the Front

I believe that one of the most important lessons to come out from the Battlefront II fiasco is that things will continue to get worse and will probably stay worse as time goes on, there really isn’t a light at the end of the tunnel, unless some major action takes place. There’s also a need for players and consumers to come together all the time to fight these issues, it’s not just EA but this whole industry that has completely gotten away with these sort of predatory practices and they continue to get away with it because there is nobody who is willing to check them on it. The backlash won’t stay long and that’s what these huge companies know, we have seen this with Bethesda and Activision with Call of Duty and Fallout 76 respectively and with Electronic Arts, these practices won’t stop and it clearly won’t after Electronic Arts did a major play earlier last week.

It was days ago that EA made their biggest announcement that big game websites like Polygon and Game Informer have totally ignored when this could have big reprecussions for the future of not only Battlefield but all of EA’s games that are developed in Europe, this is a million dollar mistake right here. EA’s games that aren’t FIFA and Madden have suffered a lot of issues including millions of dollars being lost and stock market shares just plummeting after the issues with Battlefront II and Battlefield V respectively and so things need change which will probably lead to more anti-consumer and predatory behavior.

David Rutter, the boss of FIFA and FIFA’s ultimate team, will now be overseeing EA’s European studios, including DICE Sweden which he now has full control over and will be a huge part of the franchise going forward as someone behind the scenes and making key decisions that will affect the franchise going forward. Mr. Rutter joined EA in 2007 and created Ultimate Team which debuted in FIFA 09 and was made general manager of the FIFA brand in 2014, and was promoted to general manager of EA Sports Vancouver and Bucharest in 2018. So, question is how does this relate to Battlefield and the franchise going forward?

After the Battlefront II disaster, I assume many people thought that EA would try and change or learn their lesson. You can’t change companies at all. It is good to remember that companies are here to make money and they’ll find a way to keep making money, no matter if its controversial or not. It is also good to remember that EA has been planning to make their franchises have more Ultimate team-like mechanics, as far back as 2017 when Blake Jorgenson stated in an interview with gamesindustry. biz that EA had been thinking a lot about how to turn many of their franchises into something similar to the juggernaut that is Ultimate Team. It did not work for Battlefront II nor with Need for Speed: Payback but obviously, EA is going to creep into this and the next time when the new Battlefield or Battlefront release, you’ll probably see the beginnings of an Ultimate team like mechanic which is what I fear. Battlefield V has already harmed the franchise with its take on a beloved setting that is known to be the holy grail, an ultimate-team like mechanic will absolutely destroy the franchise and destroy any sort of resemblance the franchise has left.

Things are going to get worse for the Battlefield franchise and for most of their games. EA’s growth as a publisher is because of greed and the only way to keep making money is through greed. It seems like EA wants someone overseas to oversee all of this, EA had Patrick Soderlund who left after his comments regarding Battlefield V put the game even in more jeopardy after the reveal trailer and now the void he has left is now filled by Mr. Rutter.

Anthem, Need for Speed, Battlefield, and Battlefront all have costed EA a lot of money and all for good reason, but obviously, EA doesn’t know that. There’s a lot of games not making money and EA needs that to change so there will be more severe monetization going forward with games like the next Battlefield, especially with Mr. Rutter at the helm. If he dreamed up Ultimate Team then I wonder what sort of severe monetization he will come up with in the next Battlefield. Who knows what’s that actually going to look like but if Ultimate Team is any indication and EA’s push for more Ultimate Team-like mechanics within their other games then it must not be good. Battlefield is not in a good place at the moment, Battlefield V has harmed the franchise in such a way that the next Battlefield game needs to be a complete hit from top to bottom to restore trust and restore the franchises’ potential.

Battlefield V has been mismanaged since release and even before that with the initial concept, there’s been so many issues with Battlefield V that the community is stunned and baffled at how DICE can be so incompetent when it comes to this game. The community is ready to forget about Battlefield V and want to move on to a new Battlefield title or a new game in general, thanks to what has been going on recently with Battlefield V. This won’t help the franchise and will sink it even further as further monetization will cause outrage and things will get worse from here for the franchise. This has been a very disappointing announcement made by the leadership of EA, we’ll see how this affects things in the long run but I know nothing good will come out of this promotion.

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