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Letters from the Front

Most of what Remedy Entertainment puts out is intriguing and very interesting, Alan Wake was one of my favorite games of last generation and Quantum Break was an interesting jab at creating a very unique game. Therefore, when I saw Control, it looked like a sequel to Quantum Break and improve what Quantum Break did.

Unfortunately, I was left disappointed by the end of it. Control brings some new things to the table and largely improves upon the Quantum Break formula and what Remedy put forward but it was a step backwards. It isn’t amazing, it isn’t bad, it’s just in the middle. Here is my review of Control.

Control puts you in the shoes of Jesse Faden, a woman who has mysteriously appeared on-site at the FBC, The Federal Bureau Control, a secret organization that is dedicated to finding paranormal entities and containing them. Jesse arrives and fills the Director’s shoes, the previous director was killed by something known as the Hiss. And with the help of the FBC, you’re tasked to fighting the Hiss and finding your brother and that is where I’ll leave it at for plot points. I would rather have you discover the plot on your own so I won’t really spoil it here.

Unfortunely, the story dips when it comes to the characters. While the actual plot is one of intrigue and ends up being captivating from the very beginning, those points can’t hide behind dull characters and a very boring script. Jesse isn’t an interesting protagonist at all, which is disappointing, given how many characters Remedy has made which have become very good and not many characters do stand out amongst the pack which is a shame.

Control’s gameplay revolves around supernatural powers which means combat, in which you can use a weapon and your supernatural powers to fight the Hiss. Both of these are very effective and versatile, your weapon can be used in a variety of ways that ranges from handgun to rocket launchers to SMGs and everything in between. Your supernatural powers can be used to pick up things and throw up, form shields from the environment, fly around, and much more. The greatest thing about this is that there are numerous ways to play the game which helps to make the game fresh every time you play and every time you move on to the next section.

Outside of that, the gameplay is pretty boring. Exploration is key here, the game relies on it way too much which often made me confused and solving puzzles is what you’ll be doing a good chunk of the time when you aren’t fighting the Hiss. The puzzles were pretty simple with a few of them being challenging ones and quite creative but that’s really the jist of it. Pretty simple and easy.

When it comes to presentation, Control is an absolute stunner. It’s attention to detail is amazing and everything comes together quite great, the visual fidelity of the world and the characters is simply great. Control is one of the best looking games on the Xbox One, however, everything else is left to be desired. Control has a lot of performance issues like the minimap disappears which makes it even worse when you have to traverse around the complex which is already confusing enough. The game also stuttered a little bit from time to time on the Xbox One X.

In the end, is Control worth your money? Yes but wait for a sale. It’s a solid game that should deserve to be played by all, as long as they aren’t too bothered by the issues that the game has. This game is not as great or unique as Quantum Break was, it’s a step down from Remedy’s previous work but it should give you some few hours of entertainment.

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