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Letters from the Front

To be fully honest, the past 12 months or so has been really rough for Battlefield and for the Battlefield community. The community had to endure constant delays, cancellations, roadmap changes, endless development issues, buggyness, and general disappointment which has all taken quite a toll on the game, the franchise, and the community at large.

All of this has taken a toll which has left the excitement for the Pacific at a generally low bar and that’s a real shame considering we know how good it can get when comparing previous actions in the franchise. It wasn’t too long ago that we endured the roughness of Battlefield 4 which has prevailed and became one of the most popular modern FPS games and it wasn’t that long ago when we experienced the revolution that was Battlefield 1; a game set in the closing days of the First World War which ended up taking the world by storm. We all know how awesome the Battlefield franchise can get but with Battlefield V, we have hit rock bottom and it isn’t an understatement to say that. When you look at how good things have been in the past and then you look at where we are now and look at other games that are doing actual World War II stuff, I think it’s clear to see that we are truly at a low point for this game and for the franchise. For the past 12 months, it has been really hard to maintain any sort of positivity but we’re still here and grinding it out because the game is fun and quite unique. I do hope that we do see Battlefield V turning around from a proper disappointment to something much better in the coming year.

The Pacific Theater was a massive conflict, one that spanned miles and miles and was in no way shape or form similar to the fighting in Europe or in North Africa or in the Mediterranean so DICE needs to hit this out of the ball park in order to make Battlefield V relevant again and turn the game around. The Pacific will be a massive milestone for this game and for DICE Headquarters, a big content rotation like this towards one of the largest theaters in history with brand new weapons, new vehicles, new maps, cosmetics, gadgets, game modes, and two of the most iconic factions of World War II and even more is a massive undertaking and one that is quite hard to achieve. Moving Battlefield V from the European conflict for the first two years of the war to the Pacific is no easy task so DICE needs to hit this one out of the park, especially for all the hard work that they’ve done.

When you look at the sum and total of what you have, I think it’s indicative of how Battlefield V ended up being. What I think has happened with Battlefield V is one of great sadness and great disappointments, I have not seen a game like this ever. From reveal to the launch of the game in November of 2018 is one that is of great sadness and great disappointment due to a rushed development process and something much deeper that ruined this game; the rushed development process ate time into something that was going to go way beyond the realm of men, something very epic: a complete timeline of the Second World War from start to finish with the introduction of the Greek front in late March but that was pushed back to June and July. Firestorm released in March 2019 to great promise but ended up as a flop because it arrived too late. If Battlefield V launched at a much later date than I’m sure the problems that we have had so far wouldn’t exist and it would be a much more complete game with the Pacific Theater launching earlier and the original vision would’ve been intact, the vision of taking us through the entirety of the Second World War beginning with the Fall of Europe and the cancelled version of Chapter 2 alongside the original vision of Combined Arms.

You can trace the problems of Battlefield V even further, down to the core then just the announcement of the game. Battlefield V had no direction and no idea of what it wanted to be to come out of the gates as a working title; if it had been given more time and more direction than perhaps we would have had an accurate and immersive game with authentic uniforms and authentic representations of women and authentic representations of how things were instead of a game that is filled with offense to the conflict and a very Fortnite inspired look. This identity crisis that Battlefield V has where it wants to be a authentic and immersive look at World War II and this Politically Correct, safe, social justice and Fortnite inspired look at the conflict would’ve probably been fixed and DICE would probably would’ve gone with the more authentic and immersive look. I think more time on this game would’ve done Battlefield V some good and give it a chance to succeed as a working title that would’ve probably been epic.

I think this is where DICE has learned a thing or two. People just wanted a historical game set against the backdrop of the 20th century’s greatest conflict, not a game where it craps on everything the conflict stood for and craps on the setting. A game that where it pays respect to the setting and honors the setting and stays true to the source material, much like Battlefield 1 did. I think they learned this and are trying their best to reverse course with the Pacific Theater as we could see in the teaser trailer that the Japanese soldier and the US Marine looked authentic instead of something that came out of Fortnite, people just want a proper Battlefield game and the Pacific Theater looks like that.

The Pacific Theater may have come too late to the game but it has the chance to turn around the game and bring the game up to speed. Things have been bad so far but the last 2 months have been good and things are looking good now and it can only go up from here. I hope DICE understands how the Pacific Theater needs to be good and they need to hit the nail on the head or else I don’t want to think what would happen if they absolutely blow it. We have a new theater of war, new cosmetics, new weapons, new character models, new audio, new everything and it is the second chance in many ways. It is a fresh start to create something really epic. Don’t blow this, DICE.

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